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2019 Communication Trends for Schools

FREE Webinar – Thursday, November 29, 2PM EDT

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How to Use Digital Channels to Improve School Communication

It’s critical that schools understand and start using the many methods of digital communication to improve parent engagement and support from the community. Each mode has its benefits – and its learning curve. This webinar is designed to help schools better position themselves with today’s increasingly tech-savvy community and create results to improve your school.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Steve Williams of Campus Suite


Making the Most of School Social Media in 2018

Managing social media is a tricky proposition for many schools. This social media for public schools webinar includes a demonstration of the current technology to help school administrators better understand, monitor and manage social media in 2018 and beyond.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Steve Williams of Campus Suite


How to Make Website Documents and PDFs ADA-Compliant

If yours is like just about every school website and contains links to PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files, there’s a good chance they don’t meet the new guidelines governing website accessibility. The How to Make School Website Documents and PDFs Accessible and ADA-Compliant free webinar will show you how to check your website documents, correct any accessibility issues, and how to keep your entire website ADA-compliant and accessible going forward.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Jason Morgan of Campus Suite


Planning for Cyber Attacks

Your school district is like any business or organization: you want to protect the data and digital assets you depend on day in and day out. Schools are not immune from the risks facing their data infrastructure. And it’s not just vicious attacks that present a danger: seemingly harmless employee errors and sloppy vendors can compromise the sensitive information your school community depends on you to guard.

This presentation, “Cyber Security and Your School,” reveals just how exposed many schools are to cyber threats – intentional and unintentional – and shows you how to implement cyber risk management planning in your district.

Presented by AJ Upton and Lacy Rex of Oswald Companies


Steps to Making your School Website ADA Compliant

Don’t be in the dark about school website accessibility and ADA compliance. This webinar will help you determine where your school website stands and where it needs to be. We’ll guide you through the steps to make it pass muster, so you can serve your entire school community – including those with disabilities.

Presented By Steve Williams of Campus Suite


Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools

You might only be scratching the surface of what Facebook can do to engage your school community. Recent enhancements in Facebook make it more powerful, precise and important to include it in your school communications mix. Get up to date with insights and best practices into using Facebook to get your content in front of parents, media and your entire school community.

Presented By Andrea Gribble of #SocialSchool4EDU


Digital ADA Compliance: Legal Considerations Faced by Schools

Public and private schools are under increased pressure today to make sure all digital information is accessible by everyone, including those with disabilities. Web accessibility is a requirement and now has become the center of the Office for Civil Rights “OCR” complaints, lawsuits and soon-to-be-updated ADA requirements. Ensuring all students and families have access to online school resources is also the right thing to do.

Andrea Gosfield will discuss the landscape of ADA compliance requirements for digital offerings faced by schools today. The presentation will cover topics such as ADA regulatory requirements and how they’ve been interpreted to apply to online offerings of schools.

Presented by Andrea Gosfield of Griesing Law, LLC


Create a School Marketing Plan that Makes an Impact

Today’s educational marketplace is competitive and families are shopping for the best learning experience available. With limited resources to put toward your district or school communication and marketing, it is more important than ever that your efforts are impactful. That means being research-driven in your approach, strategic in your activities and resourceful in making the best use of your assets.

This webinar will provide an overview of a planning process that will assist you in developing a multi-year organizational plan, school marketing plan or single issue campaign using the same simple template and tips.

Presented By Trinette Marquis Hobbs of SchoolPRPro


Top Tips for School Website Accessibility

Web accessibility for students with disabilities is an important topic, and one that is quickly becoming a hot topic for schools due to lawsuits, Office of Civil Right complaints, and soon-to-be-updated ADA requirements. Ensuring all students have access to online school resources is also the right thing to do.

This webinar will provide an introduction to web accessibility and an overview of how students with disabilities access and use the web. It will also provide basic recommendations for implementation and testing to help your school address web accessibility today.

Presented By Jared Smith of WebAIM


How to Get More Out of Twitter for Your School

Twitter has become an important outlet for daily communication from media, celebrities, and many organizations. Some schools are using it to engage parents, reach the media directly, and further establish themselves as leaders in their communities and among peers.

Presented By Jay Cooper of Campus Suite



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Upcoming webinar

2019 Communication Trends for Schools

FREE Webinar – Thursday, November 29, 2PM EDT

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