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Powerful school communication

Start engaging like never before.

  • Beautiful website design that sets your school apart
  • Single dashboard to manage all digital communication
  • Web accessibility complying with WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Customer-first support and training

The school communication cloud

Combine all the channels you need to connect and engage, saving time and resources.


Mobile app

All your content integrated into a branded mobile app that everyone who matters will have on hand.

Popular features

  • Push notifications
  • Multi-school app
  • Custom branding
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Instant targeted text, voice, email, social media and website alerts for time-sensitive information

Popular features

  • Single dashboard
  • SIS integration
  • Social media
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Your school's communication hub, CMS, cloud hosting and school website design

Popular features

  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Professional design
  • Website accessibility
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Social Media

Manage and schedule all your school social media updates easier than ever from a single dashboard

Popular features

  • Multiple accounts
  • Scheduling
  • Easy-to-use
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Build your brand. Build trust.

Be confident you're making a good impression on your entire school community.

Your website is your district's communication front door. How it looks and how it performs create lasting images of how your schools and staff are perceived. 

Campus Suite provides customizable website designs that help build and maintain your school brand. Create a website that reflects just how great your district is

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Campus Suite Design Themes
Nicole Thomas of Starkville-Oktibbeha Public Schools

"We eliminated barriers and strengthened our brand."

“Besides creating a fully accessible site, we needed to project a very professional image – an accurate one that reflects what our district is all about. Our new site has been instrumental in helping us convey that.”

Nicole Thomas
Public Information Officer
Starkville-Oktibbeha Public Schools

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All your key channels, all together now.

Create a message and push it to your website, notifications and mobile app.

Notifications Hub

Create and share

  • Latest news
  • Upcoming events
  • Blog posts
  • Announcements
  • Popular photos
  • Social media
  • Instant notifications
  • And more...
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Moving schools forward

See the results, and see for yourself what it's like working with us.


They'll love how easy it is to manage content.

Seeing is believing. Campus Suite's inline editor takes the guesswork and hassle out of making web pages by allowing you to see what your page looks like before it goes live. You can even set up a draft-approval process to have greater control of your school's website content.


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Free resources, training and ideas

Campus Suite Academy – professional development and forum for school communicators

Guides and templates Webinars and videos Website accessibility


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5 Steps to Planning a School Website that Really Engages

Wednesday, January 22, 2:00-2:40pm EDT

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