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It’s how people prefer to get their information, so make it easy on yourself with a social media manager that saves you time and gets keeps your school on their radar.

Save time and resources

  • Share one message simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Automatically schedule messages for future posting
  • Duplicate messages and schedule multiple times
  • Improve engagement with parents and entire school community

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Add social media to the mix

Social media is one important facet of your entire school digital communications picture. When combined with a beautiful website featuring mobile-friendly, accessible design, social media completes how you need to reach parents and your entire school community. Learn more about how the Social Media Manager is part of the larger Campus Suite website solution for schools.

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Educating schools about social media

Campus Suite not only gives you the tools, but we school you on how to use them. A social media Learning Center is built right into the Social Media control panel, so you can hit the ground running on the best practices for making the most of social media at your school.

Through the Campus Suite Academy Professional Development Webinar Series and other online resources, we make available live and recorded webinars and a series of free downloads so you can get up to speed fast.

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