Campus Suite Support

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Multi-level agreement that includes technical support and training based on the user license. Administrators get Premium support. Publishers get Professional support.

Review this information carefully. It explains what you can expect from Campus Suite in the event of problems, outages and even basic support issues. Having a clear understanding of how our organizations must work together will reduce confusion and let you rest assured we’re on the case.The goal of the Campus Suite support agreement is to allow Campus Suite to assist the customer in defining and forming responses to their needs based on predefined expectations of urgency. Campus Suite looks to assign all requests a definition, and apply the appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) to resolve requests in a timely manner. There are two levels of support: Administrative and Publisher, each designed to accommodate requests efficiently and by priority.



Types of support requests

Each type of request has a specific action plan, and timelines for Campus Suite to meet SLA response times. Campus Suite makes final determinations on request type classifications.




Campus Suite manages service and support load in the following order:

  1. Outages – Any Campus Suite error creating a system outage affecting all or a majority of users
  2. Errors – Error requests are ranked by the number of users affected
  3. Technical questions – Questions regarding configuration or other Campus Suite-related questions
  4. “How do I” questions – Support for new features or using the CMS tools

All support requests will:

  1. Be opened as a ticket in Campus Suite’s support system, and assigned a ticket number
  2. The ticket will be attached to a named user
  3. The ticket will contain enough information to define and recreate the request
  4. Be assigned a type, and placed in the proper SLA queue
  5. Handled during regular support hours (8am-6pm EST)
  6. Completed within support definitions, and documented according to our Best Effort policy.
  7. Closed when completed, with an email to the named contact with details on the resolution


Response Time

Response time is defined as the time in which Campus Suite has to contact a named user and start the resolution process with the user. Standard support issues are handled during regular support hours. Requests are serviced on a first-come, first-served basis, that is… in the order they are received. Requests are serviced during our standard operating hours (8am-6pm EST) based on their priority. Urgent issues affecting all users or all websites are handled immediately as our engineers are notified via an advanced alert system that provides us 24/7/365 server monitoring. Response time is not a guarantee of closing a request; rather signals the start of working on a resolution. Resolution time is affected by client accessibility, resource availability, and the ability to define and recreate issues or requests. Please review and understand our Best Effort policy.



When there is an outage, you can check to be sure it is Campus Suite servers by visiting our status monitor. This monitor is located on 3 disparate servers in Chicago, California and Atlanta. All three monitors will be “Down” if there is a Campus Suite outage.

In the event of an outage, you will not be contacted by Campus Suite. It is our policy to invoke our prioritization policies and quickly get to work on resolving the issue to get our servers back online. You may put in a support ticket to our support team, and they will provide you the information that has been provided to them by our development team. It is our first priority to resolve any issues that affects all of our users. When we resolve the issue, we perform a full investigation of what happened. This entails combing our server logs, and reviewing our status monitors to fully understand the situation. When we understand the situation, we then architect and implement the solution that will be needed to prevent the incident from happening again. Only then will we contact our customers to provide them not only an explanation of what happened, but what we have done to prevent it from happening again.

Please understand that there are malicious attacks daily on Campus Suite web servers. We manage and update a security solution that we believe is the best we can offer our customers. Our up-times improve consistently each year and we take your web site, its content and its security very seriously. During an outage, we will never contaminate our communication with irregular or inaccurate responses, but instead, identify the problem and implement a solution before contacting you.

Thank you for reviewing the Campus Suite support agreement and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.


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