School websites with the greatest of ease.

With Campus Suite CMS, we’ve made it easier than ever to make websites, so you can make connections with parents, staff and students in ways that can make a difference.

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All you need to simply manage an engaging school website.


Powerful CMS

A cloud-based CMS and website hosting solution for any size district or school.


Intuitive ease

A breeze to use for your site admin, content managers and most of all, website visitors.


Great design

Beauty and function combine for easy-to-navigate pages that bring your brand and stories to life.


Guaranteed security

Trusted support and 99.9 percent uptime insure your website is always in good hands.

Your school, just how they – and you – like it.

Keep up with your users and up with the times with a modern website by Campus Suite.

As more mobile users depend on your website, you need to make sure your content moves gracefully from one device to the next. And because your visitors aren’t the only ones depending on their mobile devices, your content managers benefit too. School content can be created, scheduled and edited from any mobile device.

Campus Suite design themes help make your school shine.

Our themes and design specialists build the framework for trust in your school.

As the main touchpoint for your school community, your website needs to reflect a professional image. A sharp-looking, smooth-performing website goes a long way in forming opinions about how your school operates. Build your website easily, and build confidence in your school using flexible themes and beautiful design that make a difference.

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Support at every turn, for everyone.

Because we know the fun doesn’t stop after your project is launched, Campus Suite provides ongoing full support for your users. It’s a big part of our promise to make web communications easy.

We know what’s easy to some, might not be to others, so our Campus Suite support spans every level of user. From the non-techie teacher or staffer creating content for the first time, or the more-advanced site administrator needing a refresher on editing site configuration, we’re there for you.

  • Live webinar training
  • Video training
  • Friendly helpdesk
  • Playbook for successful launch

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