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Making your website work beautifully

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From basic page management to online parent surveys – and everything in between


Simple editing for everyone

The heart and soul of publishing your web content, the Campus Suite E-Z Editor™ takes the guesswork out of creating and editing web pages. See exactly how your pages look as you edit before they go live. Even your non-techies can hit the ground running and begin building beautiful, full-featured web pages in just minutes.


Bring your pages to life

Put your own mark on your web design by choosing from any of the dozens of Campus Suite widgets to add functionality to your website. With Campus Suite widgets, you can make your websites more powerful and attractive. Insert a video, customize news lists for each school, add image rotators, blogs, digital backpacks and much more


Everything. All together now.

Manage all your web content from one central control panel. Select the website(s) you want, compose content, review page drafts, monitor activity and readily check the status of everything in one, easy-to-manage location.

Easy to publish. Even easier to manage.

Campus Suite’s simplicity extends to site administration. With single sign-on, access and permission control, custom roles, detailed control, and activity logs – you can now build out all your schools’ and departments’ websites, without waiting for your IT staff to handle it for you.


  • Custom roles and group permissions
  • Impersonate users to check access settings
  • Single-sign on with Google, Microsoft 365 and LDAP
  • Complete multi-website management
  • Import directory data from your SIS
  • Activity and security logs
  • Content history and the ability to revert

"Helped us shine in a very competitive public school market."

Visitors form opinions about your school district right away from your website, so you really have to be up with the times and have a great-looking website that uses current technology and helps attract families.

Rebecca Fabiano
Administrative Assistant, Community Education Coordinator
Hudsonville Public Schools

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Save time and improve how you share info.

Social media feeds

Bring your school community closer by automatically displaying your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts on key web pages. 

Shared content

Easily export and repurpose content on other pages. Create the content once, and don’t worry about having to rewrite or re-size it.

Google integration

Seamlessly incorporate all the productivity and content synchronization benefits offered by the many Google Apps for Education.

Page drafts

Create workflows that assure your web pages are reviewed and approved before going live. Empower others to contribute content.

Page history

Improve accuracy and easily call back any regularly recurring content by allowing you to review changes made to your web pages through past versions.

Design manager

Change the layout and navigation of your pages for design flexibility, while maintaining district design standards for branding consistency.


Make it easy for parents to connect with your staff and find all kinds of frequently accessed information with up-to-date, searchable directories.

Page widgets

Choose from dozens of widgets you can embed right into web pages to add variety, interactivity, and make your website more helpful.


We bundle all the popular content hubs – calendar, news, staff directories, photo galleries and blogs – to make content management a breeze.

Review, approve and post with confidence.

Save time and improve content accuracy with draft approval workflows.

Control content. Empower your staff.

Get approved staff involved in creating content without sacrificing control. Review page drafts and set approvals before any content is published. Save time, resources and be more confident your website content is accurate and ADA compliant.


Synchronize your school events with your parents.

Keep your school on everyone’s radar with a master district calendar.


Keeping parents informed.

When parents are in sync with your school, outcomes improve. A web-based calendar featuring a master district calendar, school, and departmental calendars pushes personalized event information to everyone who matters in your school community.


Moving schools forward

See the results, and see for yourself what it's like working with us.


Free resources, training and ideas

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