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Resources to make the most of your website, and more.

Free resources – articles, guides, ebooks and videos – help you keep up with ever-changing best practices driving great web communication.

Check out these resources from Campus Suite Academy, your forum for professional development and sharing great ideas to get more from your website.

School Website ADA Compliance Planning Guide

A complete guide to help you learn how to prepare your school website to be ADA compliant, and keep it fully accessible to people with disabilities.


School District Website Design Planning Guide

A step-by-step, strategic approach to building a website that will serve as a powerful web communications content hub for your school or district



Just how organized and friendly is your website?

How your website is organized can make or break it. If visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, or you have trouble managing your content, then you need help.

Learn how to organize your content, navigation and other best practices for creating a user-friendly and effective website for all.



5 Steps to Planning a School
Website that Really Engages

Webinar video archive

More than just about looking good, your school website is a communications hub with far-reaching impact and potential. It takes some planning, however, to create one that reflects how great your school is and serves as a powerful communications tool. Learn how to analyze your current website, set goals, and measure the success of your new one.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Steve Williams of Campus Suite



Measuring your website and improving results

School communicators often don’t know just what their website is doing for them. Maximizing your website’s potential requires knowing and using the tools and methods to fully understand it.

Campus Suite and the Campus Suite Academy resources can help you discover valuable website usage data to help you set – and achieve – your communication goals.

Nicole Thomas of Starkville-Oktibbeha Public Schools

"We eliminated barriers and strengthened our brand."

“Besides creating a fully accessible site, we needed to project a very professional image – an accurate one that reflects what our district is all about. Our new site has been instrumental in helping us convey that.”

Nicole Thomas
Public Information Officer
Starkville-Oktibbeha Public Schools

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Your playbook for a successful website

Designed to help you plan smartly and save time, the Campus Suite ‘Playbook’ includes a project roadmap and a site-building tool built right into the dashboard. These help you get your arms around the process and lay out a step-by-step plan for a smooth, coordinated effort. This Playbook enables you to take advantage of the very technology we’ve developed in more than 15 years of designing, building and launching school websites.

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