When school news needs to travel fast.

More than just a weather alert. Reach your school community with a variety of time-sensitive info, in many ways.

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Reach parents, staff and students quickly and efficiently.



Use voice, SMS text, email, web and social media channels to reach everyone with timely notifications.


SIS integration

Link your notifications to SIS, and keep your staff and parents out in front of academic achievement.



Trusted network

With 99.9 percent uptime, be assured your notifications will be delivered when you need them.


Dependable support

Leave the driving to us. You handle the messages, we handle all the support and ongoing updates.

Deliver content critical to successful school communication.

Campus Suite push notifications bring a sense of urgency when you need it.

Notifications are for more than just school closings and delays. They’re tools for academic achievement. That reminder to register for an important event; or an alert that a student’s behavior needs immediate attention. When integrated into your school’s communication DNA, a notification system from Campus Suite makes your parents informed, staff better, and students improved.

Amplify and simplify how you engage your community.

Reach everyone that matters with automated and routine messaging.

In addition to the ability for you to broadcast district and school news to segmented user groups, Campus Suite’s user-configurable preferences enable your users to determine the kinds of content they want want to receive. You can even create, schedule and post messages from your mobile device.

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