School notifications

When school news needs to travel fast.

Ready, set, blast.

Campus Suite's notifications message center makes it easy for you to deliver all the time-sensitive info to your parents and school community in many ways. Create one message, select all or just the channels you want, then fire away.

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Share a single message to many channels.

One dashboard, many channels save time and extend your reach.



Click ‘record’ on your dashboard, and create voice messages that can be sent at once or scheduled later.



Notify your parents using their favorite method of staying in touch, with the same ease of texting from your own phone.



For longer messages requiring more detail, use notifications to create and send school-branded emails.



Reach parents using the messaging app built right into Facebook, the social media channel preferred by most parents.



Cover all your bases by adding a website alert banner that shows up on your schools’ website homepages.


Social media

It’s how many of your parents get their news, so push your notifications out through these popular channels.

Notifications features


Use voice, SMS text, email, web, Facebook Messenger and social media channels to reach everyone with timely notifications.

Dependable support

24/7 support and training for all users, plus upgrades and evolving features that reduce the cost of ownership over time.

SIS integration

Link your notifications to SIS, and keep your staff and parents out in front of academic achievement.

Trusted network

With 99.9 percent uptime, be assured your notifications will be delivered when you need them.

Simple for all

Create a message, choose your channels, then send it. You'll love the simplicity; parents will love hearing from you.

Single dashboard

Part of the beauty of Campus Suite notifications is managing all these digital channels from one central, intuitive dash. 

Simple for your parents.

Easy for you and even easier for them. 

Quick registration – Sign up and login are as simple as entering the same login information your parents use for their SIS portal. 

Just how they like it – Parents and all users can set up their own preferences to select any additional information they want to receive.

Lean on us for A+ support and training

We’re proud of our report card on customer-first service.

We know what’s easy to some, might not be to others, so our Campus Suite support spans every level of user. From the non-techie teacher creating content for the first time, or the site administrator needing a refresher on more advanced tasks, we’re there for you, in so many ways.


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