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Campus Suite Academy

Guides and templates


School communication planning

School Communication Planning Guide

Your how-to guide for making the most of today’s communications channels to connect and engage all your audiences.


Blog Templates

Plug-n-play templates and writing tips that save lots of time, increase blog readership and boost engagement.


School website design and planning

School District Website Design Planning Guide

A step-by-step, strategic approach to building a website that will serve as a powerful web communications content hub for your school or district


Private School Website Design Planning Guide

A step-by-step, strategic approach to building a website that will serve as a powerful marketing content hub for your private school.


School Website ADA Compliance Planning Guide

A complete guide to help you learn how to prepare your school website to be ADA compliant, and keep it fully accessible to people with disabilities.


School CMS Buyers Guide

Learn how to plan, assess and choose the website partner that’s a good fit for your school or district.


Social media planning and best practices

School Social Media Guide

Build a social media mindset and structure for your school communication. Available in public or private school versions.


Facebook Guide for Schools

Put your school’s Facebook page to work for you, and start posting, liking and sharing.


Twitter Guide for Schools

Underutilized by most schools, Twitter is a goldmine of engagement opportunities.


Instagram Guide for Schools

Depict your school stories and vignettes in photos and quick videos that are easy to share.


School mobile app planning

School Mobile App Planning Guide

Learn the must-have features, how to make a requirements checklist, and how to compare the different types of school mobile app providers.



Google Hangouts Guide

Collaborate and engage using this popular and trusted video, voice and chat service.


DDoS Reference Guide

Avoid potentially crippling attacks against your school networks with this handy guide at your side.


Your playbook for a successful website

Designed to help you plan smartly and save time, the Campus Suite ‘Playbook’ includes a project roadmap and a site-building tool built right into the dashboard. These help you get your arms around the process and lay out a step-by-step plan for a smooth, coordinated effort. This Playbook enables you to take advantage of the very technology we’ve developed in more than 15 years of designing, building and launching school websites.


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