Managed website accessibility services

Making web accessibility easy for schools

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Accountability in accessibility.

We take on the responsibility of making and keeping your website accessible to those with disabilities, so you can focus on education. 

Fully managed service:

  • Ongoing scanning and reports
  • Platform and designs support WCAG 2.1
  • All issues fixed by Campus Suite
  • Support and training

Web accessibility services

We handle everything to keep your website ADA compliant.

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Site scans for error reporting

Ongoing monthly website reports for discovering accessibility errors check-mark-1292787_960_720 check-mark-1292787_960_720

Human error corrections and review

Incorporate human judgment into accessibility review as part of ongoing review and fixes   check-mark-1292787_960_720

Video closed captioning

Up to 60 minutes per year of English language video captioning and transcription – more time is available, if needed   check-mark-1292787_960_720

Ongoing training and support

Video training and documentation for best practices and 24/7 access to Helpdesk support    check-mark-1292787_960_720

PDF remediation

 Scan and resolve accessibility errors for PDFs and Word documents   Optional

"They fixed all our accessibility issues."

"I learned so much about accessibility thanks to Campus Suite, and got a great website along the way. Their tools are easy to use, the team is top notch. They were there to answer questions and support me throughout the planning and implementation."

Dr. Kevin Rubenstein
Director of Student Services, Technology and Assessment
Lake Bluff School District 65

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Helping you get the full picture on ADA compliance

Built-in Website Accessibility Reporting

Know exactly where your website stands at all times when it comes to accessibility. We fully examine all your web pages continuously, then push a full report summarizing all you need to know right to your Campus Suite dashboard. Rest assured that we’re here to pinpoint and fix all your accessibility issues, so you can focus on managing your communications, not worrying about ADA compliance.

Your accessibility dashboard

  • Updates for accessibility compliance
  • Access monthly reports
  • Training resources and videos
ADA Dashboard
Accessibility Symbol

Website Accessibility Center

A collection of resources for school administrators to understand, implement and manage web accessibility and ADA compliance for their web and digital communications.


Accessibility resources


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