Approval workflows help you manage how your website gets done.

Approve website content

Control your content

Create approval workflows that assure your web content – web pages, events, directories, news, forms, teacher pages and more – is reviewed and approved before going live.

Empower faculty and staff

Empower more people

Share the workload for managing your website content by enabling designated school staff members to submit content drafts for approval and publishing.

Save time and money

Save everyone time

Eliminate web publishing bottlenecks, and speed up assigning and reviewing web content with automatic notifications for those responsible for creating and approving content. 

School website accessibility

Stay compliant, legal

Avoid liabilities and ensure all your school website content follows school or district guidelines for permissions, design standards, ADA compliance, and other legal requirements.

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Control content simply, quickly

Using the Approval Workflows feature on the Campus Suite dashboard, you’ll have complete control of your web content. Accurate and approved content is just a few clicks away. All you do is create a draft, submit it for review, and your content is either subject to revision or approved. It can now be scheduled or published right away. Any web content you choose – designated by your site administrator – can be checked before it goes live.

Create custom approval workflow groups.

Web content collaboration and approval has never been so smooth.

Because it’s best to let those closest to the content help create and approve it, the Campus Suite Approvals Workflow feature gives site administrators the power to create custom workflow groups.  Once a draft version is completed, it is submitted for review and the approver is automatically notified. It’s the kind of precise control and collaboration that keeps all involved on the same page.

Take your communications to another level: build empowered teams of website contributors using Campus Suite’s customizable approval workflows.


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