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We provide the resources to build your website fast. Follow the Campus Suite playbook, and you’ll make everyone happy – and make your website just how you like it.

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Your playbook for a successful website

Because we know building or redesigning a website is a major and important undertaking for a school, we’ve taken the Campus Suite formula and created a ‘how-to’ for producing a powerful, ADA-compliant school website – efficiently and confidently.

Designed to help you plan smartly and save time, the Campus Suite ‘Playbook’ includes a project roadmap and a site-building tool built right into the dashboard. These help you get your arms around the process and lay out a step-by-step plan for a smooth, coordinated effort. This Playbook enables you to take advantage of the very technology we’ve developed in more than 15 years of designing, building and launching school websites.

When you arrive at your ‘go-live’ date, there’ll be no surprises, just the satisfaction of knowing you have a winning website that’s going to meet your web communication goals.

School website design and launch process

A simple process to deliver a rewarding website

Campus Suite provides modern technology, experience, and expertise to create a website efficiently

Discover website design stage


Complete a questionnaire that helps us better understand your school’s brand, integration and functionality.

School website design stage


Campus Suite design team personalizes a selected design theme to match your design requirements.

School website site map


Using Campus Suite’s Sitebuilder, you can select prebuilt site models and modify the website architecture.

School website migration


Campus Suite specialists import and migrate content to the staged website and provide a status report for review.

School website ADA compliance certification


Upon completion of the website, Campus Suite provides a certification ensuring ADA compliance.

School website launch


After final approval, Campus Suite provides the website launch and post support and training for all of the faculty and staff.

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