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Empower your people


Campus Suite helps you empower your faculty and staff to contribute to the website, delegating the publishing responsibilities, so you can keep your content up to date. It’s powerful enough for your web admins to be efficient, simple enough for any user – regardless of their tech skills – to use it confidently.

The simplicity of Campus Suite’s design enables any school – regardless of the range of your staff’s technical abilities – to shift how content is managed on your school website. Campus Suite bring your complete district and schools all under one roof enabling administrators complete control, there is not separate instances or logins for multiple schools.


School IT adminstrator

Page editing has never been so easy for faculty and staff.

Page publishing is a breeze, and at the heart of it all is a revolutionary new page editor that enables you to edit all your pages with full control of seeing how they look before you go live. You get an accurate view of your page and can preview how they’ll appear on mobile devices, without bouncing back and forth between views. Your pages automatically follow the brand and color standards you establish.

Inline editor

Inline editing

Create and edit pages easily. Change layouts, create drafts, add widgets, icons from a library, and much more using intuitive page editing tools designed for non-technical users.

Teacher pages

Teacher pages

Because teachers are unique, your teachers should have their own websites to easily share calendar events, assignments, blogs and more. Themes allow teachers to make their sites their own.


Online directories

Make it easy for parents to find and connect with your teachers and staff. Keep all your school contacts, bios, photos and other information up-to-date with a searchable directory.

News announcements

News and announcements

Easily add news announcements to your website and share with different schools and departments to feature on school home pages. Put a spotlight on the important stuff and attach photos and links.



Create conversations with your parents, students and staff with school blogs that are easy to publish, monitor and manage. Integrate multiple blogs right into your school websites for valuable dialogue.

Google Apps for Education

Google Integration

Integrate with your Google Apps for Education by synchronizing calendars, sharing a drive folder of files, adding Google Translate, Google Custom Search and single sign-on.



Keep your school community up to date with school and departmental calendars that allow sharing of the events. Integrate your Google Calendars by setting up “syncs” that pull all of your events automatically.



Add interactivity to your webpages with built in widgets. Over 30 widgets available including rotating banners, calendars, directories, layouts, scrolling news, Google Drive, videos, tabs, icons, social media feeds and more.

Powerful administration tools

From ease in managing all your users to security management, your IT team will appreciate the comprehensive solution Campus Suite provides. With single sign-on, access and permission control, custom roles, detailed control and activity logs – you now have a centralized way to build out all your schools and departments.

Content approval

Content approval

Coming soon! Set approval guidelines and workflows so supervisors can maintain editorial control and manage content from draft to publish. Auto-notify supervisors of any content submissions.

Digital media

Digital library

Easily find, share and store all your photos, graphics, podcasts and videos with digital galleries. Add keywords and tags to all your digital assets so they’re easy to search and use.


Site builder

Build and deploy your site using slick, intuitive tools that graphically depict your site architecture. Organize it how you want it – you can even change up navigation from school to school.

Mobile friendly

Responsive design

Because most people are viewing your website on phones and tablets, responsive design insures your content automatically formats to fit the device they’re using. No need for separate mobile sites



Add intranets to share internal information to your faculty and staff. Intranets can be managed with all of the same powerful tools and provide complete management and set-up for each school.

Shared content

Shared content

Since all content is separate from design, it’s easily exported and re-purposed on other pages. Create the content once, and you don’t worry about having to rewrite or re-size it.

Multi-site management

Multiple templates

Choose from a variety of templates for the design theme that fits your school. Simply add school colors and logos, and your website auto-formats design, navigation and content.

Users and groups

Users and groups

Grant permissions and access depending on the user level you assign: administrator, publisher, writer, teacher, viewer. Set up group permissions using LDAP, openID, and active directories.

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