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School Website Accessibility Education Center

School Website Accessibility Education Center


A collection of resources for school administrators to understand, implement and manage web accessibility and ADA compliance for their web and digital communications.


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Step 1. What you must know about ADA compliance

Many schools are at risk with non-compliant websites and other digital communications. Find out how to go about assessing how you’re doing and how to accommodate people with disabilities.


What you must know about ADA compliance

Step 2. WCAG 2.0 – the standards used for compliance

WCAG 2.0 is a standard for website ADA compliance for public and private schools. Learn what it means to schools and how to use this standard for your website and other digital communications.


What you must know about ADA compliance

Step 3. Create a school ADA website accessibility policy

All schools are required by law to have websites that fully comply with federal ADA and accessibility standards, and it all starts with having a policy in place. Create one in just minutes with this template.


What you must know about ADA compliance

Step 4. Conduct a school website accessibility audit

Know where you stand before knowing where you need to go. Review the online tools and these equally important ‘human factors’ that will help steer you in conducting a school website accessibility audit.


What you must know about ADA compliance

Guides and templates

School Website Accessibility Policy Template

This template is designed to make it easy for you to quickly create your own school website accessibility policy – the first step to web accessibility compliance.

school website policy template

School Website ADA Compliance Planning

A complete guide to help you learn how to prepare your school website to be ADA compliant, and keep it fully accessible to people with disabilities.


ADA 508 Accessbility Guide




How to Make Website Documents and PDFs ADA-Compliant

If yours is like just about every school website and contains links to PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files, there’s a good chance they don’t meet the new guidelines governing website accessibility. The How to Make School Website Documents and PDFs Accessible and ADA-Compliant free webinar will show you how to check your website documents, correct any accessibility issues, and how to keep your entire website ADA-compliant and accessible going forward.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Jason Morgan of Campus Suite


how to make pdfs and documents ada compliant

How to Create, Support and Promote a School Website Accessibility Policy

Beginning in 2018, every school is going to be required to have a Website Accessibility Policy in place. This webinar walks you through the steps to both create a policy, generate the necessary support and promote it so that your school community knows where you stand when it comes to making your website ADA compliant and accessible to those with disabilities.

Presented by Jay Cooper and Steve Williams of Campus Suite


school website accessibility policy webinar

Steps to Making your School Website ADA Compliant


Don’t be in the dark about school website accessibility and ADA compliance. This webinar will help you determine where your school website stands and where it needs to be. We’ll guide you through the steps to make it pass muster, so you can serve your entire school community – including those with disabilities.

Presented By Steve Williams of Campus Suite


Steps to creating an ADA compliant school website

Digital ADA Compliance: Legal Considerations Faced by Schools


Public and private schools are under increased pressure today to make sure all digital information is accessible by everyone, including those with disabilities. Web accessibility is a requirement and now has become the center of the Office for Civil Rights “OCR” complaints, lawsuits and soon-to-be-updated ADA requirements. Ensuring all students and families have access to online school resources is also the right thing to do.

Andrea Gosfield will discuss the landscape of ADA compliance requirements for digital offerings faced by schools today. The presentation will cover topics such as ADA regulatory requirements and how they’ve been interpreted to apply to online offerings of schools.

Presented by Andrea Gosfield of Griesing Law, LLC


Digital ADA Compliance: Legal Considerations Faced by Schools

Top Tips for School Web Site Accessibility


Web accessibility for students with disabilities is an important topic, and one that is quickly becoming a hot topic for schools due to lawsuits, Office of Civil Right complaints, and soon-to-be-updated ADA requirements. Ensuring all students have access to online school resources is also the right thing to do.

This webinar will provide an introduction to web accessibility and an overview of how students with disabilities access and use the web. It will also provide basic recommendations for implementation and testing to help your school address web accessibility today.

Presented By Jared Smith of WebAIM


Accessibility for schools

The Campus Suite ‘School Communications Cloud’

Campus Suite has all the tools schools need to strengthen communications and build powerful connections. You simply select the ones you need.

We make ADA-compliant websites simple by handling all the design, testing and technology to assure you have not only a great-looking website, but one everyone can access. And for a mobile app that integrates with your website, or a voice and text notification system for time-sensitive news and information, the Campus Suite cloud has you covered with all the tools you need to reach and engage your entire school community.

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