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Instant, user-specific targeted text, voice, email, social media and website alerts for time-sensitive news and information.

Your school’s content hub, complete with easy-to-manage CMS, reliable website hosting and school website design.

All your content integrated into a branded mobile app that everyone who matters will have on hand.

Full-featured platform and services

Website accessibility managed service


Support and training

24/7 HelpdeskAdministrators can contact a Campus Suite support specialist any time of day via phone, email or website. Check mark
Guaranteed response times (SLA)Depending on service level agreement and user level, action starts from immediately to 2- or 4-hours response time. Check mark
User Guide onlineComprehensive knowledge base of documents and videos for troubleshooting and training. Check mark
Live chatConnect with a Campus Suite support specialist which logged in using to tools with a built-in live chat feature for all of the users. Check mark
Phone supportAdmistrators can call the help desk and speak to a Campus Suite support specialist. Check mark
Ondemand trainingIn addition to regularly scheduled live training webcasts, recorded sessions are available 24/7 on demand. Check mark
Product maintenance and upgradesOur support team automatically pushes maintenance updates and makes available upgrades at any time. Check mark


Multi-site branding and templatesCreate and maintain school branding consistency with flexible design themes. Check mark
Accessibility (WCAG 2.0 standards)Monitoring, fixes, and ongoing training to make and keep your website ADA-compliant. Check mark
Theme managerChange navigation, headers, footers and widgets any time your like, while maintaining brand consistency. Check mark
CustomizationCustomize each and every school in your district using the Campus Suite theme manager. Check mark
Layout flexibilityAdjust layouts and columns to your specification to help organize information and content. Check mark
Browser compatibilitySupports WC3 standards and works on any popular browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, I.E., Opera and more. Check mark
Responsive designMobile-first’ design insures your web pages automatically format to work and look great on phones, tablets and desktops. Check mark
Theme libraryAn ever-expanding library of ADA-compliant design themes help your website design keep up with the technology and the times. Check mark
WidgetsChoose from over 50 dynamic widgets: add calendars, news, videos, social media feeds and more. Check mark


CalendarsParents can ‘sync’ their own personal calendars with your online district, school, department and classroom calendars. Check mark
Photo galleriesUpload and organize your photos into galleries, and automatically resize your images so they can be viewed on any device. Check mark
News and announcementsShare and spread news and announcements with other departments and schools for message control and consistency. Check mark
BlogsShare ideas through rich content that helps tell your school story and encourage dialogue through comments. Check mark
Content sharing (schools)Readily share news, calendars, photo galleries, faculty/staff profiles and other content with other schools and departments. Check mark
Faculty/staff profilesFaculty and staff profiles that link to a searchable directory and profile bio and contact information Check mark
Searchable directoryFind who you want in an instant. Search school and district directories by name, department or other criteria. Check mark
Form builderFrom physicals to admission forms, custom forms make it easy to create, capture and manage all kinds of critical information. Check mark
Emergency alert bannerTarget specific schools, departments or your entire district with prominent announcement banners on designated web pages. Check mark
Site mapsMake your site more accessible for all by adding an ADA-compliant sitemap that dynamically adjusts with content changes. Check mark
RSS FeedsEmbed news, events, blogs, photo galleries, calendars and other content from around your site and across the web. Check mark
Language translationsEliminate language barriers with instant web page translations that accommodate all members of your school community. Check mark
Friendly URLsURLs feature intuitive names so visitors can easily know where to go and your pages are search-engine friendly. Check mark
Social media integrationAdd social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter to your webpages along with social sharing buttons. Check mark
Online Spirit ShopSell school-themed clothing and merchandise by adding an online spirit wear store to your website. Check mark
EcommerceAccept payments online using the ecommerce form builder to make it easy for your parents and students to transact how they prefer. Check mark
Streaming videosEmbed a Youtube or Vimeo video feed on a webpage to bring your school to life on any viewing device. Check mark
Polls/SurveysUse the form builder to quickly create a poll/survey and learn powerful insights into your parents or other web visitors. Check mark

Page editing

In-line editorInline editor features a live preview to see just how your page will appear before you publish it. Check mark
Spell checkBecause spelling counts! Misspelled words and grammar errors are found and corrected. Check mark
Page DraftsSave drafts of your page before it goes live and keep track of page updates including who made them and when. Check mark
Page historyKeep track and revert back to previous versions of your page. Check mark
Scheduled content publishingAdd flexibility to your publishing schedule by choosing when you want your saved content to go live. Coming Spring 2018
Scheduled content expirationNo stale content. Schedule the date and time you want your content removed and automatically archived. Coming Spring 2018
Table editingCreate and edit tables that properly formatted for logic, readability and ADA compliance. Check mark
Multicolumn layouts15 different column settings give you flexible layout options that respond beautifully on all devices. Check mark
Rotating panels and imagesShow more images more often using rotating images and graphic panels that tell your school stories visually. Check mark
Content reuse and repurposingShare content across departments and schools, and maintain control of edits and updates from a single spot. Check mark
Embed scriptsAdd scripts to link content such as forms and videos from other Java and HTML sources. Check mark
Social media integrationExtend your web content by adding Facebook, Twitter other social media feeds to your pages. Check mark
WidgetsOver 50 widgets available to add to your page for interactivity and enhanced functionality. Check mark
Edit source and CSSAdjust styles and the ability to edit source code of each page. Check mark

Teacher pages

Mobile app

Custom brandingApps are customized to your school or districts colors and brand to support marketing consistency. Check mark
Multi-schoolsAccess all of your schools from a single app, allowing parents and students to subscribe to their school’s notifications and access school information. Check mark
Push notificationsSend push notifications to entire district, or target those people who subscibe to individual schools. Check mark
Event alertsUsers can subscribe to receive automatic alerts for daily and weekly upcoming events. Check mark
Contact directoriesContact information and directories are pulled directly from your website, making it easy to access and find school personnel by name or department. Check mark
CalendarsCalendars automatically pull from the websites and allow parents and students to stay up-to-update with school events. Check mark
Social media integrationPull your social media feeds directly into the app to promote school events, stories or any social media postings. Check mark
Maps and directionsLink maps and directions to school locations by integrating with the native features on users’ individual phones. Check mark
News and announcementsShare a news feed for the district and schools to appear on the home screen feed. Check mark
Website integrationShare and integrate key pages from your website in a responsive format for optimal viewing. Check mark
Contact directoriesContact information and directories are pulled directly from your website, making it easy to access and find school personnel by name or department. Check mark
Custom menuCreate navigation menus custom to your district or schools, and links to external websites and logins. Check mark
LinksAdd links to various web pages or logins so parents and students can quickly access important information. Check mark
Forms and documentsShare forms and documents from one centralized, easy-to-locate spot on the app. Check mark
iOS and AndroidDedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices. Check mark


Single dashboardCreate and send notifications and messages from a single spot making it very simple to share information to all channels. Check mark
Send VoiceRecord a voice message from your computer, mobile phone or upload a MP3 then send to any or all of your contacts. Check mark
Send Text (SMS)Send a text message from a short code to targeted groups. Check mark
Send emailSend short or long email messages with links, photos and other attachments. Check mark
Post to social media pagesShare your message as a post to Facebook and Twitter pages. Share posts district wide, or target individual school pages and accounts. Check mark
Send to Facebook MessengerParents can connect and recieve messages to and from their Facebook Messenger app. Check mark
Post website alert bannersShare the same message as an alert banner to targeted school websites, or add an alert banner to all websites. Check mark
Parent preference portalParents can easily set up and manage message preferences – from whom and what kind of information – directly using their mobile phone. Check mark
SIS integrationAutomatically synchoronize and pull contact information from popular SIS systems including Powerschools, Infinite Campus, Skyward and more. Check mark
Contact list creationCreate various lists based on specific selection criteria to organize and segment contacts to receive targeted communication. Check mark
Drafts and schedulingCreate drafts with auto-save feature, or schedule you message to be sent at a specific time and date. Coming Spring 2018
Duplicate messagesReuse exisiting messages so you dont have to start from scratch and duplicate a message for recurring events and messages. Check mark
ReportsView reports of message stats including errors and incorrect phone numbers. Check mark

Administration and integration

Custom role-based rolesCreate custom roles and define permissions: administrator, publisher, writer, teacher, viewer. Check mark
Impersonate usersReview user’s access by simply clicking a button and impersonating the user to double check permission settings. Check mark
Group permissionsSet up group permissions to streamline managing user access and security. Check mark
Approval workflowsManage web page drafts and versions using designated roles to control and approve content: create, revise, schedule and publish pages. Coming April 2018
Bulk importImport CVS files for content and map fields: blogs, faculty/staff profiles, news, calendars, photo galleries, redirects, etc. Check mark
Activity logsAccess reports of all users logins and content updates. Page history provides the ability to revert back to previous versions if needed. Check mark
Document managementUploaded and organize documents into a searchable repository. Check mark
Page historyComplete version history available for all content updates, and the ability to revert back to a previous version. Check mark
Domain managementAssign and manage domains and subdomains with logical naming schemes using built-in domain manager. Check mark
User policiesSet up a website publishing policy that requires users to agree with terms before editing and website content. Check mark
Tag managementCreate and manage tags to apply to content to help organize and segment website content. Check mark
LDAP/Active Directory integrationAuthenticate user’s login to your LDAP/Active Directory for secure access to website platform. Check mark
Google Apps IntegrationIntegrate seamlessly with suite of Google apps for greater collaboration and single sign-on. Check mark
Microsoft 365Create a single sign-on for your Micorsoft 365 users to simplify password management and security. Check mark
CleverAdd Campus Suite login to your Clever SSO to simplify user login and access. Check mark

Hosting and security

99.9% Uptime guaranteeIndustry-leading reliability, assuring your users can depend on accessing your website. Check mark
AWS Cloud-based hosting (EC2)Efficient, best-in-class hosting to keep your site secure and reliable. Check mark
Remote zone failoversWebsite data is protected by automatically switching data centers if necessary. Check mark
Unlimited bandwidthTerabyte-plus bandwidth utilization for premium connectivity. Check mark
Unlimited file storageA secure home for all website files: documents, forms, photos, videos and all your web data. Check mark
Unlimited usersNo restrictions on the number of admins, publishers or writers using the system. Check mark
BackupsAutomatic back-ups utilizing AWS’s EC2 service for disaster recovery. Check mark
SSL loginBuilt-in authentication makes is easy on your administrators and all your users to gain secure access. Check mark
Domain SSL certificatesProtect website data and user information with encrypted, certificated communications. Check mark

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