Get a good handle on your school’s social media.

Build your following and engage your communities by consolidating all your school’s social media networks into one, easy-to-use console.

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Finally, the easy way to get more out of your school’s social media.


Publish with ease

Tools that simplify the process of posting content to all your social media channels.


Schedule strategically

Plan yours posts to automatically engage audiences at prime times to get the dialogue going.


Gather great news

Involve the entire school community easily, and promote the countless great stories and news.


Manage approvals

A way to automate the review, approval and responses to all original posts and comments.

Sharing your school stories is now easier than ever imagined.

Simply take charge your school’s social media – the new frontier in school communications.

If not done properly, managing multiple social media accounts can be a real time drain and even a potential liability for a school. And where’s all this content going to come from anyway? You’ve got enough on your plate to spend the day sharing, liking and following, right?

Campus Suite provides a quick way to gather, review, approve, schedule and post your social media content, making it easy to monitor and engage with all the glowing comments and dialogue you’re sure to get started.

Have your school ‘trending’ in your school community in no time.

Get the dialogue going by automatically putting your messages in the formats most familiar to your users.

Your parents, staff and students these days depend on social media to keep tabs on all the important things in their lives. With Campus Suite, your content can be automatically pushed out to all your channels, extending your reach and truly connecting with your community. Put your school on the radar of those who matter most to your school’s success.

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