Helping schools respond, adapt.

Professional development and learning forum for school communicators

Coronavirus School Communications Center

Free resources for planning, equipping, and responding


Talking points for the community and media

Tips from from school crisis public relations pros on what to say and when 


Best practices in web communications

Set up a centralized Urgent News Update Center of your website in 48 hours.


Checklist for planning communication

A handy checklist for mapping out school district risk communications planning 


Ready-made templates for communication

Reach your school community with ease using these free customizable templates.

Partnering for school communication success


About the Donovan Group

Focusing exclusively on education, delivering school district communications services that help you reach your marketing, public relations and stakeholder engagement goals. 


About Campus Suite

Providing schools and school districts with fully accessible and innovative digital communications solutions – websites, social media, notifications and mobile apps. 

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