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Project Manager

Who we are: Focused in the growing “Edtech” vertical, Campus Suite is a digital communications vendor that provides website content management software, multi-channel notification and mobile application solutions from a single platform; all of which are underpinned by ADA compliant design methodologies, project implementation processes and ongoing content monitoring services.

From K-12 school districts that house multiple schools under one roof, to large college and university websites that have lots of information, Campus Suite empowers customers to build and manage websites, and open up publishing rights to various constituents both internal and external allowing them to manage their respective areas of the site.

Customers come to us to solve these problems:

  • Build and deploy new, visually-engaging, responsive ADA compliant websites
  • Provide best-practices guidance during the development of the new website
  • Empowering new non-technical publisher’s (teachers, etc.) to add and edit critical communications content
  • Provide a single source web management, mobile applications and notifications platform for their school, district or organization that meet current accessibility requirements.

What you will do each day: This position requires being on the phone communicating to customers, a lot. You’ll also spend some time doing things in the customer’s website instance as you help onboard them. You’ll interact with our designers to get the theme configured, and you’ll interact with our migration team who is focused on pulling the customer’s website content from their old site, and populating it on to the new one. As we educate you on our process, you will educate our customers with the same.

Highlights of Responsibilities:

  • Ongoing “how-to” web-sessions with customers showing them how to achieve each step in our website development process.
  • Maintaining ongoing patience and professionalism to non-web savvy customers
  • Presenting a professional image, and professional language and grammar in all client interactions
  • Create and manage project timelines so that work is completed during the planned timeframe.
  • Technical understanding of Campus Suite CMS and industry standards
  • Regular “training” meetings, as-needed with the managing director in order to understand our process, and clearly instruct our customers.

The percentage of your work:

40% – On-phone customer training and communication

30% – Hands-on work using the Campus Suite CMS platform

20% – Desk-time, preparing work between the steps of the project

10% – Training calls/meetings with Campus Suite

Skills and Requirements:

  • A quiet workspace and dedicated phone line that you can use for both training and project calls with customers.
  • A desktop computer with highspeed internet access to use Campus Suite provided tools.
  • Basic knowledge of website design and development.
  • The ability to multi-task and manage your time wisely without supervision.
  • Responding to customers in an efficient and concise manner.

How success is measured:

  1. Successful website deployments from proper planning.
  2. Quality of communication with customers via phone and written communications
  3. Overall positivity and representation of the Campus Suite brand.
  4. Positive customer feedback after the job is completed.

Campus Suite is projecting exponential customer growth and it’s imperative we maintain our personalized and professional engagement with each one. Besides offering the opportunity to work from home, Campus Suite has a start-up culture where you will have immediate input into the future plans of the company and where everyone is ready to do more than just their title.

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