School social media 2018 webinar Q and A

During a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Making the Most of School Social Media in 2018 (see the webinar video here), we had many questions from registered attendees and didn’t have time to get to all of them. We've pulled together the answers to many of these shared, big questions about us

New video Facebook features help schools engage

Facebook continues to grow as the go-to social media for many schools and districts. Some are using it more than others, but recent enhancements made by Facebook are making it an even more viable – if not a necessary – communications tool to increase school community engagement. In its conti

Pokémon Go and your school: tips for engagement

In the short time since its release, Pokémon Go has quickly become a viral craze, sweeping the nation like the Beatles in the 60’s. It's estimated that 21 million people play daily. You see people walking the streets – maybe even near your school. But is Pokémon Go and your school a good fit?

How to promote your school athletic department online

Sports and all that surround them are the face of any school. A well-known football team or band program can go a long way to building school spirit, keeping the community engaged, and even attracting new students. However, it’s not getting any cheaper or easier to run an athletic department. E

How to create a great Youtube Channel for your school

If you'd like to have your very own Youtube channel for your school, you'll be glad to know creating it is merely minutes away. You're among the many school communicators embracing the value and potential of using video to depict their school. As more and more schools launch Facebook pages, Twitt

Increase engagement with a school Youtube channel

If you’re like me, you head to Youtube for the important video highlights you might’ve recently missed – sports, music, other entertainment. But what about your school’s highlights? Can your parents, students and staff find those on Youtube? There might be a random Youtube post of a schoo

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