How to respond to a school website accessibility complaint from OCR

You’re busy updating your school’s homepage with some fresh images when your superintendent hands you a letter from the Department of Education Office. It's a school website accessibility complaint from OCR – the Office for Civil Rights. This official notification claims that your school w

Do private schools need accessible websites?

“We’re a private school. Does our website need to be accessible and ADA-compliant?” This is a question we often get as there's still a great deal of buzz around school website accessibility. Public schools are required to adhere to section 508 because federal and/or state funding support re

AODA helps steer school website accessibility in Canada

There is no letting up on the pressure on school districts across America to comply with accessibility laws for school websites. But what about our neighbors to the north? Are Canada’s schools facing the same challenges schools in the U.S. are encountering to make and keep their websites accessibl

Campus Suite Launches School Website Accessibility Education Center

CINCINNATI – In response to changing federal requirements for school districts to make their websites ADA compliant, Campus Suite Academy has launched the School Website Accessibility Education Center. This free website contains a collection of resources for school administrators to understand, im

5 easy steps to creating a school website accessibility policy

Putting together a school website accessibility policy is a critical and fundamental first step toward ADA compliance. It will not only form the foundation of your implementation plan and steer your website design going forward, but will create a mechanism for handling any issues or complaints about

How to conduct a school website accessibility audit

Crackdowns continue on schools whose websites are not fully accessible. As the U.S. Department of Justice and DOE’s Office for Civil Rights reach settlements with school districts and private advocacy groups, your first defense and first step to making your website ADA compliant is to conduct a sc

WCAG 2.0 and what it means for school website ADA compliance

If you are like most public schools across the country, website accessibility and ADA compliance has become a focus due to an increase in the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) complaints, investigations and even lawsuits. Schools can no longer just have a website that serves common computers and browser

5 hot trends in school website design for 2017

As web content becomes a greater part of our lives, website design is playing a more important role in your school community’s experience with your school. People expect more and more from your total web communications, so it’s important you stay out in front of school website design trends.

How to keep your school website accessible and 508 compliant

Roughly one in five Americans has some kind of disability, according to the U.S. Census bureau. Be it visual, auditory, ambulatory, cognitive, or otherwise, nearly 20% of our friends, family, and neighbors have unique needs navigating their world. Now imagine navigating a website. As professio

Website accessibility and ADA compliance webinar Q & A

The following questions were posed during a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar on web accessibility that was presented by Jared Smith, the Associate Director of WebAIM. WebAIM is the Web Accessibility in Mind project at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. To view a re

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