School social media 2018 webinar Q and A

During a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Making the Most of School Social Media in 2018 (see the webinar video here), we had many questions from registered attendees and didn’t have time to get to all of them. We've pulled together the answers to many of these shared, big questions about us

Zoo gorilla tragedy teaches schools social media lesson

If you have any doubt among your fellow school administrators as to the sheer power and potential of social media, thumb up the recent tragedy at The Cincinnati Zoo. A toddler made his way into the gorilla exhibit and zookeepers had to ultimately kill ape. The need to assign blame for this tragic lo

How to promote your school athletic department online

Sports and all that surround them are the face of any school. A well-known football team or band program can go a long way to building school spirit, keeping the community engaged, and even attracting new students. However, it’s not getting any cheaper or easier to run an athletic department. E

How to create an engaging school Facebook page

Is your school late to the Facebook party? Facebook was founded in 2006, and in the nearly decade since then, it has exploded in popularity. As of July 2015, Facebook had nearly 1.5 billion active monthly users. Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. internet users are also active Facebook users. Quite simpl

How to create a school Twitter account

If you’re like a lot of school administrators, Twitter may seem like a bit of a mystery. You know your students use it. Maybe even some of your teachers and parents use it. But perhaps your school hasn’t quite jumped on the Twitter train yet. Now may be the time to get on board. In June

When to use the right social media for your school

You’ve got social media accounts for your school, have set up the profiles, but now what? Exactly what information should you be sharing and in which media? Events? News stories? School closings? Photos from last night’s volleyball game? Should we be posting this on that channel, or that on t

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