How to handle negative comments on school social media

How would you feel if your city’s mayor took over managing your school's social media? Well, believe it or not, that could be happening very soon in one school district, due to some mishandling of negative social media comments. When not managed properly, negative comments in your Facebook and

Top 3 growing challenges of a school PR director

There was a time when public relations in a school consisted of passing on the names of honor roll students to the local paper. That time has passed. As a PR director, you likely know firsthand that schools today face challenges that are more complex and sensitive than ever before. That means tha

How to use Instagram for schools

I first visited this topic last year in a blog article on why schools ought to be using Instagram, but it's time for an update. More users, more advertisers, mobile friendliness – there are many compelling reasons Instagram should be part of your school’s communication mix. Now, if you want

New video Facebook features help schools engage

Facebook continues to grow as the go-to social media for many schools and districts. Some are using it more than others, but recent enhancements made by Facebook are making it an even more viable – if not a necessary – communications tool to increase school community engagement. In its conti

Facebook for Schools: What’s New for 2016-17 webinar Q and A

During the recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Facebook for Schools: What’s New for 2016-17 (see webinar video here), we had a ton of questions from registered participants and didn’t have time to get to all them live. With the help of Andrea Gribble of, we have the answers to

How to use Facebook Live at school

Just when you thought Facebook had plateaued, it introduces Facebook Live, which greatly expands the capabilities of still the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook could soon become a larger part of your school’s world if you follow these tips for using Facebook Live at school. Fa

How to promote your school athletic department online

Sports and all that surround them are the face of any school. A well-known football team or band program can go a long way to building school spirit, keeping the community engaged, and even attracting new students. However, it’s not getting any cheaper or easier to run an athletic department. E

Tips on using Facebook advertising for schools

You invest thousands of dollars in your school website, produce and print a 4-color newsletter 4 times every school year, run countless email campaigns, place billboard ads and run radio spots. The competitive landscape of schools these days requires a good mix of marketing tactics that reaches your

7 keys to creating the perfect school Facebook page

Nearly all schools are embracing social media these days. Some districts do a great job and deserve an 'A' on their report card. Other districts, well, let’s just say they don’t meet expectations. Some shortfalls stem from a state of information overload. With new social media platforms popping

When to use the right social media for your school

You’ve got social media accounts for your school, have set up the profiles, but now what? Exactly what information should you be sharing and in which media? Events? News stories? School closings? Photos from last night’s volleyball game? Should we be posting this on that channel, or that on t

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