5 tips for great school website design

It's 2018 award season – Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, et al. But what about award-winning school website design? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or can we all agree what is a well-designed school website? We all know what makes for bad design, for we've all been on bad school websites – but

Tips for improving parent involvement in school

How do you answer the question, “What do you do?” It’s complicated, isn’t it? Perhaps the better question is – “What don’t you do?” After all, you hire the best possible teachers. You make sure your school’s students have every tool they need to succeed. You maintain and enforce be

Top 20 school mobile app review

Navigating the school mobile app landscape these days requires a pretty large map. In our own diligence to find the right mobile app partner to co-develop a fully integrated mobile app-website solution, we found so many vendors with a wide range of deliverables. I feel for the school communications

Top 10 school district website design examples

When you’re out to make your school website the best it can be, you need some others to compare it too, right? Regardless whether you are early on in the planning stages or narrowing down your list of website providers, you want to look around to see which school districts are doing it right. L

How to solve school data privacy and app control issues

As school districts weigh and sometimes wrestle with digitization, riding herd on this transformation is no easy task for school IT administrators. How do you at once manage schools, run classrooms, engage communities and insure school data privacy in the process? When you’re trying to accommod

5 new features for Google in the classroom

Microsoft Office has long dominated as the most popular software choice for word processing, spreadsheets, and other academic work. In recent years, though, Google Docs has gained in popularity. Boy, has it ever. While I'll defer the Google Apps vs. Microsoft discussion for another time, in this art

Ipad vs Chromebook in the classroom is only part of the debate

I hear this question being asked every day. "What's better for education, the Ipad or the Chromebook?" It pains me to hear this question. It's really the wrong question to be asking. Why? Ipads and Chromebooks are two dissimilar platforms. The first real comparison should be Windows vs Chromebook

Keys to building a sitemap for your school website

You know your website needs an overhaul. Everyone from the superintendent to the PTA president has ideas on how to make it better. Maybe it’s been pretty much dormant from lack of usability, or perhaps it’s grown into a monster. Are parents, faculty and staff complaining that they cannot find

4 reasons to consider Google Apps for Education

On the heels of a recent webinar on using Google Apps for Education in your school, I wanted to follow up on the interest being generated by this hot topic. Let’s face it: Google is everywhere, and you should be weighing if it ought to be in your schools in some fashion or another. I’m not

Put your classroom online with a teacher website template

If you’re like most teachers, you’ve probably heard that you should have your own website. Advocates of teacher websites are quick to mention all of the benefits. They improve communication with students and parents. They foster engagement. They keep you and your students connected. The advantag

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