How schools can use Google Analytics

Your school website needs some help. You get the occasional feedback from a frustrated parent or staff member who can't find what they're looking for. But aside from fielding the occasional complaint, you have no way of really analyzing your website. Or do you? Enter Google Analytics. This article o

Delete the madness: how to choose a school website provider with ease

Watching the NCAA March Madness Selection Show, I thought of the many methods people use to choose the right school in their NCAA basketball brackets. But what about your next big pick – How to Choose a School Website Provider? How do you pick a winner or even your final four? Here are a few tips

5 top school communications trends for 2018

Keeping up with communication trends and taking advantage of that ‘next big thing’ is not all that easy these days given the rapid pace at which technology and communications advance. So, as the new year is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on 5 top school communications tr

5 hot trends in school website design for 2017

As web content becomes a greater part of our lives, website design is playing a more important role in your school community’s experience with your school. People expect more and more from your total web communications, so it’s important you stay out in front of school website design trends.

How to make an ADA-compliant school website

Making an ADA-compliant school website is a hot topic of late. School boards and administrators may not be quite in the panic mode yet, but according to school IT coordinator and education speaker Keith David Reeves, school districts "Are scrambling to cope" with ADA compliance and web accessibilit

A checklist for selecting the right school website hosting provider

Does your school’s website need a new web hosting provider? Maybe the web hosting contract is up, or it’s just not connecting with your students, parents, and community like it could. Does it lack the functionality you need to effectively communicate information? It could just look outdated and

Follow a playbook when planning your school website

So you were tapped to lead the charge for planning your school website. Or maybe you’re not the lead on the project but as a team member, you want to contribute with confidence and help build a really great website. You want it sleek, cutting-edge, easy-to-use and manage, adaptive, ADA compl

6 signs your school needs a new website

How old is your school’s website? More than a few years? Does it look dated and stale? Does it do a poor job of communicating important information? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time for a new site. We've pulled together a list of the six telltale signs your school ne

Campus Suite CMS joins Clever gallery of apps for schools

Campus Suite has announced it has joined the Clever platform of school applications designed to make access to technology as easy and safe as possible for teachers, staff and parents. The Campus Suite web communications solution has joined a select group of school software providers who link thei

Why schools are choosing Clever SSO to connect

Schools aren’t the only organizations these days searching for ways to securely and easily connect with key data. Single sign-on (SSO), that godsend that enables your users manage just one set of credentials to access all their apps, is simplifying how schools manage and protect their data. Enter

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