5 top school communications trends for 2018

Keeping up with communication trends and taking advantage of that ‘next big thing’ is not all that easy these days given the rapid pace at which technology and communications advance. So, as the new year is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on 5 top school communications tr

Campus Suite launches notifications system for schools

In a move that signals Campus Suite’s continuing commitment to helping schools and school districts communicate more effectively and efficiently, the company has launched it’s Campus Reach notifications system for schools. Developed in concert with company’s newest version of its Campus Sit

Back-to-school communications planning musts for 2017-18

I was looking at a list of popular back-to-school supplies, and wondered if school communicators could put together their list for back-to-school communications, just what would be on it. Retailers begin pummeling us all with promotions on everything from backpacks and pencils to cell phones and

Create a school notifications opt-in page for instant approvals

In a previous post, we outlined ways to prevent school notification legal problems, so the next logical step is to show you how to avoid backlashes when launching a notifications program in your school or district. Make it easy – and legal – for your parents and staff to receive notifications by

4 ways to prevent school notification legal problems

Recent news about a school district’s alleged misuse of its school notification system is a nagging topic about which every school communications professional needs to be...well, notified. You need to be able to alert your audiences about what you feel is important, but you need to take the step

Why school notifications should be in your communications mix

With more than 90% of adults going nowhere without their cell phone, making school notifications a part of your school's communications DNA is a no-brainer. It can help keep parents in the know on everything – from ordinary to urgent – impacting their child. Pinpointed and large-scale notificat

Campus Suite CMS joins Clever gallery of apps for schools

Campus Suite has announced it has joined the Clever platform of school applications designed to make access to technology as easy and safe as possible for teachers, staff and parents. The Campus Suite web communications solution has joined a select group of school software providers who link thei

4 tips for your next school fundraising event

In today’s landscape of constantly shrinking school budgets, the role of fundraising has become even more important to school communities. For both public and private schools, finding funds often requires some creative thinking. One major trend poised to become a breakthrough in the fundraising

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