Copyright laws and your school communications

You know the TV commercial: “I’m no doctor, but I’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.”  Well, I’m no lawyer, but I’ve done my fair share of writing and publishing in a variety of media, and I can say most assuredly: some of the content you’re posting on your school website or using e

4 ways to improve parent involvement at your school

Engaging your students' parents these days is actually easier than ever, thanks to the many channels at your fingertips – and theirs. In this article, I want to review those channels and encourage you and your fellow school administrators and teachers to start making the most of the variety of com

4 steps to creating a school blog to boost school communications

Do you really need a school blog? Someone has to decide how it will be used, what the topics will be, and, most importantly, somebody has to write the darn thing. Creating a school blog takes time, after all, and you and your staff are already stretched thin. And even if you did have the time, would

Top 3 growing challenges of a school PR director

There was a time when public relations in a school consisted of passing on the names of honor roll students to the local paper. That time has passed. As a PR director, you likely know firsthand that schools today face challenges that are more complex and sensitive than ever before. That means tha

Zoo gorilla tragedy teaches schools social media lesson

If you have any doubt among your fellow school administrators as to the sheer power and potential of social media, thumb up the recent tragedy at The Cincinnati Zoo. A toddler made his way into the gorilla exhibit and zookeepers had to ultimately kill ape. The need to assign blame for this tragic lo

10 steps to creating school emails that reach parents

It’s the workhorse of school communications. It’s direct, measurable and can be one of the most powerful tools in your communications mix. Unfortunately, however, few school administrators writing and sending emails understand the science behind creating ones that get noticed, opened, read and a

6 key school communication channels and how to use them

  It’s easy to recognize that great communication is at the heart of any great school. What’s not so easy to grasp these days is identifying which communication channels to focus on, and when to use them to reach your audiences. Although there is more technology than ever for connecti

How to write awesome school blog posts

There are some key steps you should follow for any writing assignment, but a blog article has a few more aspects to it. I’ve read many a superintendent’s and principal’s blog, and while I applaud that they have one and are using it to try to reach parents and other members of the school

Keys to creating an engaging superintendent blog

You’ve read enough of them: blogs on every kind of topic imaginable and then some. From food to fitness, music to movies, comics to computers, gaming to gay rights, there’s thousands out there covering every possible topic under the sun. But what about your superintendent? Does he or she have

User-centric website earns D64 school website award

One of our Campus Suite customers just got news of a prestigious award they received for their new website ( Park Ridge-Niles District 64, an Illinois school district in the Chicagoland area, was recently acknowledged by their peers in an annual communications competition conducted by t

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