4 ways to improve parent involvement at your school

Engaging your students' parents these days is actually easier than ever, thanks to the many channels at your fingertips – and theirs. In this article, I want to review those channels and encourage you and your fellow school administrators and teachers to start making the most of the variety of com

Top 3 growing challenges of a school PR director

There was a time when public relations in a school consisted of passing on the names of honor roll students to the local paper. That time has passed. As a PR director, you likely know firsthand that schools today face challenges that are more complex and sensitive than ever before. That means tha

How to use Instagram for schools

I first visited this topic last year in a blog article on why schools ought to be using Instagram, but it's time for an update. More users, more advertisers, mobile friendliness – there are many compelling reasons Instagram should be part of your school’s communication mix. Now, if you want

New video Facebook features help schools engage

Facebook continues to grow as the go-to social media for many schools and districts. Some are using it more than others, but recent enhancements made by Facebook are making it an even more viable – if not a necessary – communications tool to increase school community engagement. In its conti

3 big reasons to reconsider getting a school mobile app

We live in the era of mobile phones and the applications that they hold. Mobile apps have become a standard of how we communicate and stay informed. Business of Apps reports that iOs users downloaded 25 billion apps last year and Android users downloaded 50 billion. There are many ways a school mob

Pokémon Go and your school: tips for engagement

In the short time since its release, Pokémon Go has quickly become a viral craze, sweeping the nation like the Beatles in the 60’s. It's estimated that 21 million people play daily. You see people walking the streets – maybe even near your school. But is Pokémon Go and your school a good fit?

5 easy ways to grow your school social media following

School social media is hands-down the best way to reach out to your community and engage with the families and supporters of your school. But how do you go about getting more followers? Are you doing all you can to grow your school social media following? Social media usage growth is sure to cont

How to set school website goals using Google Analytics

Schools are consumed with data. Educators employ data-driven practices to measure student learning and teacher performance. Parents rely on critical data points – like test scores and graduation rates – to see how a school stacks up when deciding where to enroll their child. But what about adopt

Zoo gorilla tragedy teaches schools social media lesson

If you have any doubt among your fellow school administrators as to the sheer power and potential of social media, thumb up the recent tragedy at The Cincinnati Zoo. A toddler made his way into the gorilla exhibit and zookeepers had to ultimately kill ape. The need to assign blame for this tragic lo

Why schools go to the cloud for school data management

Do your teachers write their own textbooks? Does your cafeteria lady grow her own potatoes? So why should your school IT department maintain its own datacenters, servers, firewalls, and security? School data management is undergoing a sea change. Well, time was when power users of electricity ge

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