Schools are next to tap AI and chatbots to improve engagement

“Hey, Siri, what’s on the school lunch menu today?” “Alexa, please pay Isabelle’s student fees from my Paypal account.” Chat window: Welcome to Mapledale Elementary. How can we help you today? “Hey, Watson, when is Tyler’s science project due?” How long do you think it

Do private schools need accessible websites?

“We’re a private school. Does our website need to be accessible and ADA-compliant?” This is a question we often get as there's still a great deal of buzz around school website accessibility. Public schools are required to adhere to section 508 because federal and/or state funding support re

Back-to-school communications planning musts for 2017-18

I was looking at a list of popular back-to-school supplies, and wondered if school communicators could put together their list for back-to-school communications, just what would be on it. Retailers begin pummeling us all with promotions on everything from backpacks and pencils to cell phones and

Create a school notifications opt-in page for instant approvals

In a previous post, we outlined ways to prevent school notification legal problems, so the next logical step is to show you how to avoid backlashes when launching a notifications program in your school or district. Make it easy – and legal – for your parents and staff to receive notifications by

How to run a spirit shop on your school website

Public education has been riddled with budget shortfalls. Thirty one states faced budget deficits in the 2017 fiscal year putting schools, in states like Illinois, in a precarious position to choose between things like academic materials and instructional positions. Schools need to get creative to

School cyber security and your district: are you prepared?

Schools go to great lengths to make their students, staff and assets secure. Elaborate camera systems, deep and thorough background checks, off-duty police serving as 'campus resource' aids, anti-bullying programs, etc. But what about cyber security and your school. Are you prepared? Every school

4 ways to prevent school notification legal problems

Recent news about a school district’s alleged misuse of its school notification system is a nagging topic about which every school communications professional needs to be...well, notified. You need to be able to alert your audiences about what you feel is important, but you need to take the step

How to conduct a school website accessibility audit

Crackdowns continue on schools whose websites are not fully accessible. As the U.S. Department of Justice and DOE’s Office for Civil Rights reach settlements with school districts and private advocacy groups, your first defense and first step to making your website ADA compliant is to conduct a sc

How to make an ADA-compliant school website

Making an ADA-compliant school website is a hot topic of late. School boards and administrators may not be quite in the panic mode yet, but according to school IT coordinator and education speaker Keith David Reeves, school districts "Are scrambling to cope" with ADA compliance and web accessibilit

What you must know about ADA compliance and your school website

Reaching all students is a guiding principle within education, but what if your school was doing just the opposite – perhaps inadvertently? What if you were making information inaccessible to students, parents, and community members with disabilities? You’d want to fix it right away which may m

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