Facebook privacy abuse raises school privacy issues

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent 2-day hearing before congressional committees serves as a reminder to school administrators that students’ privacy also needs assurances of protection. School privacy issues need your attention as data about them, you, me – everyone – is with

How to respond to a school website accessibility complaint from OCR

You’re busy updating your school’s homepage with some fresh images when your superintendent hands you a letter from the Department of Education Office. It's a school website accessibility complaint from OCR – the Office for Civil Rights. This official notification claims that your school w

5 ghosts that haunt school communications

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you exorcised your school communications program of its demons? Almost every school has them: these creeping, crawling, insidious issues that might be damaging your public image and frustrating your community members. From social media to website navigation, th

Back-to-school communications planning musts for 2017-18

I was looking at a list of popular back-to-school supplies, and wondered if school communicators could put together their list for back-to-school communications, just what would be on it. Retailers begin pummeling us all with promotions on everything from backpacks and pencils to cell phones and

5 steps for an effective school communications plan

I'm not surprised when folks tell me they don’t have the time to build a communications plan. I’ve been there. When I first started, the plans I built were hefty - literally. They averaged 20-30 pages and lived in well-organized binders on the shelves behind my desk. I consulted them a couple

5 hot trends in school website design for 2017

As web content becomes a greater part of our lives, website design is playing a more important role in your school community’s experience with your school. People expect more and more from your total web communications, so it’s important you stay out in front of school website design trends.

Why school notifications should be in your communications mix

With more than 90% of adults going nowhere without their cell phone, making school notifications a part of your school's communications DNA is a no-brainer. It can help keep parents in the know on everything – from ordinary to urgent – impacting their child. Pinpointed and large-scale notificat

7 communications traits of great schools

All schools have a culture: the norms, values, and beliefs that make up the school’s identity. But truly great schools have an intentional culture that their entire community knows about and understands. As our company develops the very technology that enable schools to communicate to their ful

3 big reasons to reconsider getting a school mobile app

We live in the era of mobile phones and the applications that they hold. Mobile apps have become a standard of how we communicate and stay informed. Business of Apps reports that iOs users downloaded 25 billion apps last year and Android users downloaded 50 billion. There are many ways a school mob

Master the art of delegating school communications

Walking through the halls of any school building, you’ll find endless material for a brag-worthy blog post or newsletter. Instructional scaffolding. Innovative thinking. Technology integration. Cooperative learning. 21st century skills in action. And the best part? The smiling kids. Headlines an

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