New Google security requirements for school websites coming soon

Google and its popular web browser Chrome are on a mission to make the web safer for everyone – and by everyone, that means schools too. It’s been brewing for a few years now, but if you don’t have an ‘s’ after the ‘http’ in your school website URL, you may want to read on about the ne

Create a school notifications opt-in page for instant approvals

In a previous post, we outlined ways to prevent school notification legal problems, so the next logical step is to show you how to avoid backlashes when launching a notifications program in your school or district. Make it easy – and legal – for your parents and staff to receive notifications by

Campus Suite CMS joins Clever gallery of apps for schools

Campus Suite has announced it has joined the Clever platform of school applications designed to make access to technology as easy and safe as possible for teachers, staff and parents. The Campus Suite web communications solution has joined a select group of school software providers who link thei

Your school communications must comply with FCC regulations

Everybody wins when parents stay very connected to their child’s school experience, and today’s digital communication channels are certainly helping. Getting the most, however, out of engaging websites, targeted emails, voice, SMS text messages, social media and mobile apps can be challenging

Why schools are choosing Clever SSO to connect

Schools aren’t the only organizations these days searching for ways to securely and easily connect with key data. Single sign-on (SSO), that godsend that enables your users manage just one set of credentials to access all their apps, is simplifying how schools manage and protect their data. Enter

Top 20 school mobile app review

Navigating the school mobile app landscape these days requires a pretty large map. In our own diligence to find the right mobile app partner to co-develop a fully integrated mobile app-website solution, we found so many vendors with a wide range of deliverables. I feel for the school communications

How to make your school IT help desk more helpful

If you’re a school IT administrator, tell me if any of these circumstances ring true: Your cell phone is vibrating a hole in your desk. Your email inbox is flooded. Your phone system crashed because you have too many voicemails. People randomly pop into your office and interrupt your wor

Google Apps for Education Webinar Q&As

During the recent Campus Suite Academy Google Apps for Education webinar, (see webinar video here), we had some questions we didn’t have time to answer. Following are the questions and answers from Campus Suite’s Google practitioners Eric Fulkert, Michael Hiles and Steve Williams. We're finding

5 tools to protect your school from DDoS attacks

In my previous posts, I talked about what a DDoS attack is and my zen approach to detecting one. For my final post in this series, I am going to share with you some of my own tools I use to detect attacks, and while I’m at it, offer up a few solutions to defend against attacks. These are what I us

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