School counselor communications and web technology

Michelle Obama’s final public address as first lady honored school counselors hoisting these pivotal, yet often overlooked, educators into the national spotlight. She lauded their work in schools as heroic. To continue the trajectory of raising public perception of school counseling, those in the

How to make your school IT help desk more helpful

If you’re a school IT administrator, tell me if any of these circumstances ring true: Your cell phone is vibrating a hole in your desk. Your email inbox is flooded. Your phone system crashed because you have too many voicemails. People randomly pop into your office and interrupt your wor

5 tools to protect your school from DDoS attacks

In my previous posts, I talked about what a DDoS attack is and my zen approach to detecting one. For my final post in this series, I am going to share with you some of my own tools I use to detect attacks, and while I’m at it, offer up a few solutions to defend against attacks. These are what I us

How school administrators can outsource for greatness

If I told you I can help make you a better, if not great school administrator, would you believe me? Short of growing a few more hands or adding hours to the clock, what elixir for greatness can I offer you? In a day and age when school budgets are tighter than ever and resources are growing more

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