5 hot trends in school website design for 2017

As web content becomes a greater part of our lives, website design is playing a more important role in your school community’s experience with your school. People expect more and more from your total web communications, so it’s important you stay out in front of school website design trends.

How to build a school PR plan that rocks

If the words “public relations” leave a sour taste in your mouth, you're probably thinking about the negative side effects of PR. For the purposes of this article, though, think positive. Not the “spin” and “crisis” and other unsavory connotations and events you hope will never be associ

Zoo gorilla tragedy teaches schools social media lesson

If you have any doubt among your fellow school administrators as to the sheer power and potential of social media, thumb up the recent tragedy at The Cincinnati Zoo. A toddler made his way into the gorilla exhibit and zookeepers had to ultimately kill ape. The need to assign blame for this tragic lo

4 tips for your next school fundraising event

In today’s landscape of constantly shrinking school budgets, the role of fundraising has become even more important to school communities. For both public and private schools, finding funds often requires some creative thinking. One major trend poised to become a breakthrough in the fundraising

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