How to go live with live streaming school video

When you think of live streaming, you may think it’s limited to commercial use: car makers and pop stars using it to unveil their latest release. But you too can benefit from live streaming school video, for it’s not only a great way to capture and share events when they occur, you’re creatin

Your school communications must comply with FCC regulations

Everybody wins when parents stay very connected to their child’s school experience, and today’s digital communication channels are certainly helping. Getting the most, however, out of engaging websites, targeted emails, voice, SMS text messages, social media and mobile apps can be challenging

Steps to creating a school communications plan

Effective communication is crucial to any organization, and schools are no different. With a comprehensive communications plan, you’ll be able to promote your school to parents and the community, connect with current students, attract future ones, and even successfully engage staff members. A s

Open source or proprietary CMS for schools?

Does your school district need a new website? You’re not alone. Many districts and schools around the country have been operating for years with sites that are as dated as dusty dog-eared textbooks. Even worse, they don’t offer the functionality you need from your site. You need something tha

Tips to increase student engagement at college career events

Do you spend hours on hours organizing your college career events only to have them fall short of expected attendance goals? Are you frustrated on how to more effectively market these well-thought-out events to students? Do you hear students forget—or worse—never hear about the event? Below a

SEO tips for higher education marketing

If you are not taking advantage of some SEO basics to make the most of your web site, you are not alone. Some organizations are too wrapped up with the bells and whistles of their sites, and not concerned enough about the content foundation upon which their sites are built. We have learned that your

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