Changes to Google Sites mean changes for schools

Google, which seems to always have something new up its sleeve, has some changes in store for schools using Google Sites 'Classic' to manage their websites. Come 2018 (exact date TBA), changes to Google Sites mean changes for schools: changes that could affect – no make that will affect – how yo

How to set school website goals using Google Analytics

Schools are consumed with data. Educators employ data-driven practices to measure student learning and teacher performance. Parents rely on critical data points – like test scores and graduation rates – to see how a school stacks up when deciding where to enroll their child. But what about adopt

5 new features for Google in the classroom

Microsoft Office has long dominated as the most popular software choice for word processing, spreadsheets, and other academic work. In recent years, though, Google Docs has gained in popularity. Boy, has it ever. While I'll defer the Google Apps vs. Microsoft discussion for another time, in this art

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