Facebook privacy abuse raises school privacy issues

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent 2-day hearing before congressional committees serves as a reminder to school administrators that students’ privacy also needs assurances of protection. School privacy issues need your attention as data about them, you, me – everyone – is with

School social media 2018 webinar Q and A

During a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Making the Most of School Social Media in 2018 (see the webinar video here), we had many questions from registered attendees and didn’t have time to get to all of them. We've pulled together the answers to many of these shared, big questions about us

New video Facebook features help schools engage

Facebook continues to grow as the go-to social media for many schools and districts. Some are using it more than others, but recent enhancements made by Facebook are making it an even more viable – if not a necessary – communications tool to increase school community engagement. In its conti

Facebook for Schools: What’s New for 2016-17 webinar Q and A

During the recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Facebook for Schools: What’s New for 2016-17 (see webinar video here), we had a ton of questions from registered participants and didn’t have time to get to all them live. With the help of Andrea Gribble of socialschool.edu, we have the answers to

How to use Facebook Live at school

Just when you thought Facebook had plateaued, it introduces Facebook Live, which greatly expands the capabilities of still the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook could soon become a larger part of your school’s world if you follow these tips for using Facebook Live at school. Fa

6 tips for back-to-school communications

It’s a frenzy for retailers promoting everything from clothing and backpacks, to cell phones and laptops. It’s back-to-school time, and that means heightened communications opportunities for your district or school. Yes, August is more than a mid-year boon to retailers; it’s the school equi

Zoo gorilla tragedy teaches schools social media lesson

If you have any doubt among your fellow school administrators as to the sheer power and potential of social media, thumb up the recent tragedy at The Cincinnati Zoo. A toddler made his way into the gorilla exhibit and zookeepers had to ultimately kill ape. The need to assign blame for this tragic lo

Using Facebook to Improve School Communication webinar Q&As

Following the recent Campus Suite Academy live webinar on Using Facebook to Improve School Communication (see webinar video here), presenters Andrea Gribble, Steve Williams and I had the opportunity to field questions from the audience of school administrators. Due to time constraints, however, we c

Tips on using Facebook advertising for schools

You invest thousands of dollars in your school website, produce and print a 4-color newsletter 4 times every school year, run countless email campaigns, place billboard ads and run radio spots. The competitive landscape of schools these days requires a good mix of marketing tactics that reaches your

Top 10 best-performing Facebook posts for schools

Struggling with your social media post reach for your school? Tired of having only about 10% of your followers see your information? What would you say are the ingredients for the best-performing Facebook posts for schools? I know the frustration all too well. I just posted a great group of photo

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