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The 3 Best Ways Schools Can Communicate are All Together Now

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Posted by Jay Cooper
Jan 11, 2018 11:36:57 AM

On the heels of the launch of its Campus Reach™ school notification system, Campus Suite has completed the “triple play” by introducing Campus App™, a branded mobile app for schools. The Campus Suite ‘suite’ of products and services now includes Campus Sites™ content management system, Campus Reach™ school notifications, and Campus App™ mobile apps.

School districts can now benefit from Campus Suite’s unified platform that’s designed for flexibility and simplicity. Website CMS, notifications and school-branded mobile apps are available separately or combined in cloud-based software that integrates with existing school technologies.

“Mobile apps are very popular and in demand by certain schools and districts,” said Eric Fulkert, CEO of Campus Suite. Campus App is a customer-driven response that the Campus Suite team has been developing and working with technology partners to deliver a solution that dovetails with the company's website CMS and notifications system.

The Campus Suite communications 'Triple Play'

  1. Campus Sites™ website content management
  2. Campus Reach™ notification system – text, voice, social media, emails
  3. Campus App™ mobile app

”Our customers want a turnkey solution, and now the entire marketplace is going to benefit from this comprehensive approach to school communications,” added Fulkert.

Content accessible for all

“Our mantra at Campus Suite is ‘accessible for all’ and we live it every day,” said Fulkert. “And by accessible, it’s more than helping schools comply with ADA laws and serving those with disabilities. We’re talking the broader sense of the word. Accessible for today’s on-the-go parents who need to be able to access critical school information many ways, and accessible for the busy school staffer or teacher who are looking for ways to better engage and streamline how they’re doing it.”

Campus App’s content sharing features make it easy for school administrators to share content, and for users to access it. Campus App pulls content from the school website, social media, notification systems and any software used by the school. Calendars, newsfeeds, and class assignments, for example, can be pushed to parents, students and staff members who get to select the information they want to receive.

Consistency and control

To keep design and content consistent throughout a district, across departments and even at the classroom level, Campus Suite’s integrated design makes it easy for districts and school maintain branding elements. “It’s important that a parent or anyone in the school community who’s accessing school content be able to recognize and know that it’s your school bringing the info or telling the story,” said Fulkert.

“We place a premium on an integrated look starting with a well-designed website that portrays the school beautifully, to notifications, to a similarly branded mobile app.”

Campus App provides full administrative control – including teacher communications – with the ability to oversee everything from school- and district-level notifications, to teacher-level messaging. Authorized users can target specific groups and create tailored lists (classroom, departments, teams) that might be used frequently.

Campus App and the entire Campus Suite line integrate with existing school technologies, eliminating IT burdens and affording better use and control of school internal resources.

About Campus Suite

Campus Suite apart offers school districts and schools, public and private, a unified cloud-based platform, where school administrators can manage all their key web communications simply and securely from a singular dashboard. Our commitment to continuous design improvements combined with the latest web technologies translate into beautiful, easy-to-use websites and multi-faceted mobile messaging that are accessible for everyone – including people with disabilities. Campus Suite provides school administrators the peace of mind knowing all critical web communications are in great hands, helping them leverage technology to better engage their community and make an impact on outcomes through better communication.

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Posted by Jay Cooper

Marketing director and content strategist for Campus Suite, Jay’s a former school public relations specialist who’s helped businesses, schools and colleges use the power of web communications to improve their image, generate support, and optimize relationships. Reach him at

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