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Norwood Among Growing Number of Schools Using Social Media

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Posted by Jay Cooper
Jun 6, 2014 4:31:31 PM

On the heels of a recent webinar I co-hosted with Campus Suite CEO Eric Fulkert, I found an article about one particular school that’s grabbing the bull by the horns and joining the growing number of schools using social media – for good. Yes, for good. The topic of social media as positive communications tools for schools is beginning to get some legs. While many schools are slow to adopt official policies about the use of social media in their schools or districts, many practitioners – those in the classrooms and school offices – are moving ahead by embracing the power and immediacy of social media.

Check out this recent article "Norwood Schools take to social media", written by Brad Cole of the Norwood (Massachusetts) Transcript and Bulletin, that illustrates how one school district Norwood Public Schools, an eight-school district located in Norwood, Massachusetts, is getting the most out of social media.

It’s interesting to gather the perspectives of Norwood's teachers, administrators and technology director who all see the value in social media. Especially when integrated into the school’s website (which happens to use Campus Suite school content management system), social media represents a phenomenon schools ought to be getting excited about rather than dodging and trying to restrict.

Many school administrators see the value in the professional development benefits of networking through growing social media channels, but it’s the rank-and-file of education – the teachers, students, and parents – who can most benefit. Teachers connecting to students, teachers connecting to parents, school administrators connecting to parents and the community – this veritable goldmine of communications vehicles can strengthen school communications.

While some districts are busy debating the potential hazards of social media, it appears that common sense is prevailing in many schools where the notion of responsibility still rules the roost. Social media, whether school districts have policies in place or not, is being used for homework, assigning tests, nudging students about due dates, publicizing school events, and much more. It’s happening organically and responsibly in many places – like Norwood schools.

You're going to be hearing a lot more in the future about social media in schools, so you just might want to get in on the conversation now.

How is your school using social media?

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Posted by Jay Cooper

Marketing director and content strategist for Campus Suite, Jay’s a former school public relations specialist who’s helped businesses, schools and colleges use the power of web communications to improve their image, generate support, and optimize relationships. Reach him at

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