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Job openings signal expansion at Campus Suite

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Posted by Steve Williams
Jan 18, 2022 6:05:58 PM

How you engage parents is changing rapidly, so Campus Suite is embarking on an ambitious journey to change and improve how schools communicate.

We are a digital communications company undergoing a major expansion in how and what we provide schools and school districts across the U.S. Building on our 20-year track record of providing websites for schools and partnering with leaders in mobile apps, notifications, social media, email and video, we are now rolling out a unified solution for administrators to digitally engage parents and others in their school community.

What's new at Campus Suite: 

Campus Suite is helping schools engage like never before using a new concept – a centralized messaging hub that enables school communicators to manage their websites, notifications, emails, voice messages and built-in mobile app from a single platform.

Campus Suite is introducing the first parents-first school-to-home communication platform designed around parent communication preferences. Data from students’ family profile allows each parent or guardian to choose the kind of communication they want. School staff feeds a centralized messaging hub with district-, school-, and classroom-level messages and stories. Personalized content is then delivered to parents’ individualized custom feeds.

Current opportunities

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager will help our K-12 customers transition from qualified prospects to satisfied, loyal customers. This is multi-disciplinary position that requires solid communication and works with key internal teams to build customer loyalty and long-term relationships.
Job description and apply


Sales Representative

Outbound Sales Representative will help identify  K-12 prospects and turn them into satisfied customers. This is multi-disciplinary position that requires solid communication and works with key internal teams to expand our customer bases.
Job description and apply

You'll be learning more about this new parent-preference platform in the coming months, but in the meantime, we are gearing up and staffing up to launch this in time for the 2022-23 school year to meet the swelling demand. 

Campus Suite is committed to:

  • Empowering non-technical publishers to add and edit critical communications content
  • Providing digital design and branding services that enable districts to project a professional image and branding consistency across district-, school,- and classroom levels
  • Providing a single source for digital communications that meet current accessibility (ADA-compliance) and privacy (FERPA) requirements
  • Providing school communicators with best-practices education and training for school-to-home digital communications
  • Continuous product development to help schools keep pace with digital communications

For more information on Campus Suite team openings, visit the Campus Suite Careers page on our website.

Author Avatar
Posted by Steve Williams

As co-founder of Campus Suite, Steve believes behind every great school is great communication. His tech savvy and passion for design fuel his desire to help administrators understand, embrace and seize the power of web communications.

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