10 Great School Social Media Examples During School Disruption

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    By Andrea Gribble
    Mar 30, 2020 7:22:07 PM

    Classrooms look a lot different right now with the COVID-19 school closures, but that's no excuse for suspending your school social media efforts. In fact, the disruption caused by the pandemic is more reason to step up your social media engagement. Parents need information on everything from school operations to distance learning, and social media channels provide more avenues to deliver that info.

    I believe social media plays an even bigger role than it did before. Social distancing is critical, but social connection is completely possible.

    Let’s take a look at my current top 10 picks of effective social media posts from schools across the country:

    1. Children reading time

    Klein ISD, Texas

    Nothing is sweeter than hearing a child read a book and share with others. This is a great way to replicate the classroom experience virtually.


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    2. Video with heartfelt message

    Chesapeake Public Schools, Virginia

    Photos of students working at home were put into a video with a simple, heartfelt message. Nice, soothing background music too helps convey reassurance.


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    3. More of share your photos

    Tuscaloosa City Schools, Alabama

    Tuscaloosa City Schools created a simple hashtag to solicit sharing at #TCSAtHome, and this post included a little Eastern intrigue with yoga and meditation tips for staying calm. 


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    4. Submit photos in comments

    Carroll ISD, Texas

    Not everyone learns alike, and certainly nowadays, not everyone's learning space is the same either. This post gains traction each day as students and parents show off their makeshift classrooms at home.


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    5. Virtual Spirit Day!

    Lawrence County Schools, Alabama

    We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit how about YOU? Here's a district generating weekly and daily Tweets to build some virtual spirit.


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    6. What an amazing performance

    Prior Lake Savage Area Schools, Minnesota

    What an amazing and inspiring performance of the Prior Lake High School song – performed, of course, while practicing social distancing! #staysafe


    View and hear this musical post on Facebook.

    7. What does distance learning look like for you?

    Saint Bernard School, Connecticut

    What does distance learning look like for you?” Another great example of sharing photos of students keeping up with their learning from home.


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    8. Don’t forget teachers are working remotely too!

    Three Lakes School District, Wisconsin

    No classroom full of desks, no markers, chalk, blackboard or whiteboard, but teachers still need the tools and workspace to teach from home.


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    9. Who says the Super can't be cool?

    Fall Creek School District, Wisconsin

    This live video with a superintendent starts with a story feature and includes contests supporting local businesses! (Please note copyright concerns; visit this link for resources on publishing companies lifting restrictions.)


    View a really cool superintendent on Facebook.

    10. Opening day "Take Me Out to the Ballgame” 

    Reedsburg School District, Wisconsin

    The baseball season may be postponed, but there's no holding back these teachers who combined for a 'fan'tastic rendition for a virtual opening day tribute. 


    Watch and listen to some great teachers on Facebook.


    That's my top 10 social media posts (for now, anyway, right?) Let me see yours. If you have something you’d like to share with schools across the country, post it below.

    And if you’d like even more information, you can attend my free webinar on Wednesday, April 1, at Noon EDT. I’m going to share 15 ideas that are working right now, followed by and a live Q&A. Join us by signing up now.


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