5 musts for successfully managing a school website design project

You’re not a juggler, but you play one in your professional life, right? Chances are, managing a school website project might be one of those balls you initially, at least, didn't plan on juggling. It may not have been in your original job description – being juggled now – but it might be befo

Campus Suite Spirit Shop adds spirit wear sales to any school website

CINCINNATI – In a move to make school websites a more comprehensive communications hub for schools, Campus Suite has unveiled its new Spirit Shop™ feature, the online merchandise store for schools that plugs right into a school’s website. Spirit Shop enables schools to quickly and easily cr

Campus Suite Launches School Website Accessibility Education Center

CINCINNATI – In response to changing federal requirements for school districts to make their websites ADA compliant, Campus Suite Academy has launched the School Website Accessibility Education Center. This free website contains a collection of resources for school administrators to understand, im

Is your school website discriminating against people with disabilities?

As schools use technology to drive one-to-one initiatives and innovative teaching methods, ADA web accessibility is taking precedence as learned through civil rights complaints against hundreds of schools like the recent case in Spokane Public Schools, where vision-impaired users found problems with

5 easy steps to creating a school website accessibility policy

Putting together a school website accessibility policy is a critical and fundamental first step toward ADA compliance. It will not only form the foundation of your implementation plan and steer your website design going forward, but will create a mechanism for handling any issues or complaints about

Top 3 growing challenges of a school PR director

There was a time when public relations in a school consisted of passing on the names of honor roll students to the local paper. That time has passed. As a PR director, you likely know firsthand that schools today face challenges that are more complex and sensitive than ever before. That means tha

The big questions about using school social media in 2017-18

During a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar, Make the Most of School Social Media to Boost Engagement (see video here),we had many questions from registered attendees and didn’t have time to answer them all. We have the answers below to the many of these shared, big questions about using school s

7 ways to put parents first when designing a school website

You know how important that first parent-teacher night/open house of the school year is. Starting off on the right foot is critical so parents can familiarize themselves with the teacher, the classroom, school building and all the resources you want them to use to help their child succeed. The la

How to safeguard against school cyber security breaches

Remember that bully in school who’d shake down students for their lunch money? Well, I’m here to tell you that with cyber threats, lunch money bullies are taking it to another level these days. But unlike the past, there are ways to hang onto your lunch money (and all your data) and protect agai

Back-to-school communications planning musts for 2017-18

I was looking at a list of popular back-to-school supplies, and wondered if school communicators could put together their list for back-to-school communications, just what would be on it. Retailers begin pummeling us all with promotions on everything from backpacks and pencils to cell phones and

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