What WCAG 2.1 web accessibility updates mean for school websites

When I speak to our school website customers, I describe WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) as a living, breathing specification. These guidelines, which help web developers optimally create and arrange web pages for those with disabilities, now has WCAG 2.1 updates, with most of the new cr

How to handle negative comments on school social media

How would you feel if your city’s mayor took over managing your school's social media? Well, believe it or not, that could be happening very soon in one school district, due to some mishandling of negative social media comments. When not managed properly, negative comments in your Facebook and

Copyright laws and your school communications

You know the TV commercial: “I’m no doctor, but I’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.”  Well, I’m no lawyer, but I’ve done my fair share of writing and publishing in a variety of media, and I can say most assuredly: some of the content you’re posting on your school website or using e

7 DIY templates for back-to-school social media posts

It’s the start of another school year, and I can just imagine the phone ringing off the hook and the email boxes filling up with those perennial start-of-the-year questions. It’s an exciting time. Lots of new things, and lots of info to convey, so don't overlook your social media to help during

5 ways to prevent unfriendly website syndrome at your school

There’s a common malady that pervades many school websites. It’s one we’ve all encountered at one time or another. It’s found on retail websites, commercial and non-profit websites, and yes, even school websites. We call it “Unfriendly Website Syndrome.” Symptoms of this disorder incl

Q and A from how to make website PDFs ADA compliant webinar

During a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar How to Make Website PDFs ADA Compliant and Accessible, (see webinar video here), we had many questions we didn’t have time to answer live. In my role as chief product officer at Campus Suite, I have to stay out in front of school website accessibility

5 easy steps to creating an effective school blog

Does your school have a blog? Or maybe you have a school blog, but really not sure why, or you struggle with finding new content for it. Just how effective is it? Are you sure anyone is even reading it? If your school doesn’t have one or you wrestle with writing or managing it, you’re not alo

4 must-have features for a school website calendar

It's the nerve center of any school or district communications. The page that parents visit the most; staff too. The school website calendar. But many school website calendars can be a major frustration for those both trying to find information, and those responsible for loading it. Parents or an

Video shows how Instagram can instantly boost parent engagement

Campus Suite's Steve Williams and I just conducted a webinar for school administrators who wanted to know how to use Instagram to share their school stories. The turnout, the questions and the feedback from the webinar participants were amazing. We wanted to reach out to those of our readers who cou

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