How to go live with live streaming school video

When you think of live streaming, you may think it’s limited to commercial use: car makers and pop stars using it to unveil their latest release. But you too can benefit from live streaming school video, for it’s not only a great way to capture and share events when they occur, you’re creatin

Tips on how to use Title I to fund school communications

Often, in the face of a tight budget, school communications programs aren’t financially prioritized and school communicators are left looking for funds on their own. This can be challenging. Have you thought about using the monies available through Title I funds for school communications? Comm

4 ways to prevent school notification legal problems

Recent news about a school district’s alleged misuse of its school notification system is a nagging topic about which every school communications professional needs to be...well, notified. You need to be able to alert your audiences about what you feel is important, but you need to take the step

How to conduct a school website accessibility audit

Crackdowns continue on schools whose websites are not fully accessible. As the U.S. Department of Justice and DOE’s Office for Civil Rights reach settlements with school districts and private advocacy groups, your first defense and first step to making your website ADA compliant is to conduct a sc

Why school website accessibility matters to me now

True confession: I didn't used to think about website accessibility, much less school website accessibility. As a woman with no disabilities, I have never had to stop and consider my own ability to use technology, much less school website accessibility. Then the following people came into my

3 lessons in managing expectations of a new district website

Much like a good New Year’s resolution, the start of any big project offers the seductive opportunity for a clean start. However, add the thrill of emerging website technology and a 24/7 need for immediate access to current information and things become complicated. Thus, it’s important to

3 things not to ignore when reviewing a school website CMS

Selecting the right school website design and CMS partner for your school or district is not an easy task. Each provider has its own formula for building effective websites: have been in place for years; some are more current and in tune with evolving web technologies and best practices. When siz

Q&A: Facebook 2017 for Schools Webinar

As a follow up to all of the attendees that posted questions on our recent webinar "Facebook 2017: What's New for Schools", we've answered all of the questions and provided links to helpful articles. We've also made the video of the recorded webinar available for those that may want to watch again

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