5 steps for an effective school communications plan

I'm not surprised when folks tell me they don’t have the time to build a communications plan. I’ve been there. When I first started, the plans I built were hefty - literally. They averaged 20-30 pages and lived in well-organized binders on the shelves behind my desk. I consulted them a couple

6 ways for professional development as a school communicator

We all think we’re excellent communicators. I mean, it’s our job, right? But just as we encourage our district students and our own children, we can always learn more, become better, grow. Of course, there are countless ways a person can do just that, but here are six ways that we, as school com

WCAG 2.0 and what it means for school website ADA compliance

If you are like most public schools across the country, website accessibility and ADA compliance has become a focus due to an increase in the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) complaints, investigations and even lawsuits. Schools can no longer just have a website that serves common computers and browser

Manage your school website from your phone

School communications doesn’t stop when the last bell rings at 3 p.m. Managing a school’s presence across all channels — both digital and nondigital — is a full-time job that requires nearly constant attention. A good school communicator knows this and is constantly looking for ways to make

School counselor communications and web technology

Michelle Obama’s final public address as first lady honored school counselors hoisting these pivotal, yet often overlooked, educators into the national spotlight. She lauded their work in schools as heroic. To continue the trajectory of raising public perception of school counseling, those in the

5 hot trends in school website design for 2017

As web content becomes a greater part of our lives, website design is playing a more important role in your school community’s experience with your school. People expect more and more from your total web communications, so it’s important you stay out in front of school website design trends.

How to respond to a school website accessibility complaint from OCR

You’re busy updating your school’s homepage with some fresh images when your superintendent hands you a letter from the Department of Education Office. It's a school website accessibility complaint from OCR – the Office for Civil Rights. This official notification claims that your school w

How school website landing pages can drive engagement

One of big complaints we hear from school communicators is that their website just sits there. Yeah, the events and calendar pages gets their share of hits. But how do you make your website more interactive? How do you improve sharing the kinds of information that boosts engagement with parents and

How to keep your school website accessible and 508 compliant

Roughly one in five Americans has some kind of disability, according to the U.S. Census bureau. Be it visual, auditory, ambulatory, cognitive, or otherwise, nearly 20% of our friends, family, and neighbors have unique needs navigating their world. Now imagine navigating a website. As professio

Website accessibility and ADA compliance webinar Q & A

The following questions were posed during a recent Campus Suite Academy webinar on web accessibility that was presented by Jared Smith, the Associate Director of WebAIM. WebAIM is the Web Accessibility in Mind project at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. To view a re

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