4 steps to creating a school blog to boost school communications

Do you really need a school blog? Someone has to decide how it will be used, what the topics will be, and, most importantly, somebody has to write the darn thing. Creating a school blog takes time, after all, and you and your staff are already stretched thin. And even if you did have the time, would

5 ghosts that haunt school communications

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you exorcised your school communications program of its demons? Almost every school has them: these creeping, crawling, insidious issues that might be damaging your public image and frustrating your community members. From social media to website navigation, th

Changes to Google Sites mean changes for schools

Google, which seems to always have something new up its sleeve, has some changes in store for schools using Google Sites 'Classic' to manage their websites. Come 2018 (exact date TBA), changes to Google Sites mean changes for schools: changes that could affect – no make that will affect – how yo

Campus Suite seeks project manager to help launch school websites

In response to rapid growth and expansion, Campus Suite is seeking project managers to work with our customers to help launch new school websites. If you have an appreciation for website technology and design, and would like to help schools and school districts create accessible and ADA-compliant we

School choice puts focus on web communications for school branding

Our nation’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is nothing if not a proponent of school choice. In May, Politico reported on DeVos’s announcement that Americans should expect “the most ambitious expansion of education choice in our nation’s history.” The current federal administration is hi

School website accessibility webinar Q and A

During the recent Campus Suite Academy webinar How to Create and Promote a School Website Accessibility Policy, (see webinar video here), we had several questions we didn’t have time to answer live. Following are those questions and answers from the school website accessibility webinar. There

5 musts for successfully managing a school website design project

You’re not a juggler, but you play one in your professional life, right? Chances are, managing a school website project might be one of those balls you initially, at least, didn't plan on juggling. It may not have been in your original job description – being juggled now – but it might be befo

Campus Suite Spirit Shop adds spirit wear sales to any school website

CINCINNATI – In a move to make school websites a more comprehensive communications hub for schools, Campus Suite has unveiled its new Spirit Shop™ feature, the online merchandise store for schools that plugs right into a school’s website. Spirit Shop enables schools to quickly and easily cr

Campus Suite Launches School Website Accessibility Education Center

CINCINNATI – In response to changing federal requirements for school districts to make their websites ADA compliant, Campus Suite Academy has launched the School Website Accessibility Education Center. This free website contains a collection of resources for school administrators to understand, im

Is your school website discriminating against people with disabilities?

As schools use technology to drive one-to-one initiatives and innovative teaching methods, ADA web accessibility is taking precedence as learned through civil rights complaints against hundreds of schools like the recent case in Spokane Public Schools, where vision-impaired users found problems with

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