3 lessons in managing expectations of a new district website

Much like a good New Year’s resolution, the start of any big project offers the seductive opportunity for a clean start. However, add the thrill of emerging website technology and a 24/7 need for immediate access to current information and things become complicated. Thus, it’s important to

3 things not to ignore when reviewing a school website CMS

Selecting the right school website design and CMS partner for your school or district is not an easy task. Each provider has its own formula for building effective websites: have been in place for years; some are more current and in tune with evolving web technologies and best practices. When siz

Q&A: Facebook 2017 for Schools Webinar

As a follow up to all of the attendees that posted questions on our recent webinar "Facebook 2017: What's New for Schools", we've answered all of the questions and provided links to helpful articles. We've also made the video of the recorded webinar available for those that may want to watch again

The ultimate school communications planning checklist

Communications for schools is more multifaceted than ever these days. The preeminence of digital channels, the sensitivity of privacy issues, social media, and advancing technologies in general make putting together and executing a communications plan quite the challenge for any school communication

The essential school website design planning checklist

You’re part of the school website design team. The goal sounds simple enough – a modern-looking website; one that’s easier to navigate and keeps parents and the rest of your school community wanting to come back to it. But reaching that goal may not be so simple without some help. Especially i

5 steps for an effective school communications plan

I'm not surprised when folks tell me they don’t have the time to build a communications plan. I’ve been there. When I first started, the plans I built were hefty - literally. They averaged 20-30 pages and lived in well-organized binders on the shelves behind my desk. I consulted them a couple

6 ways for professional development as a school communicator

We all think we’re excellent communicators. I mean, it’s our job, right? But just as we encourage our district students and our own children, we can always learn more, become better, grow. Of course, there are countless ways a person can do just that, but here are six ways that we, as school com

WCAG 2.0 and what it means for school website ADA compliance

If you are like most public schools across the country, website accessibility and ADA compliance has become a focus due to an increase in the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) complaints, investigations and even lawsuits. Schools can no longer just have a website that serves common computers and browser

Manage your school website from your phone

School communications doesn’t stop when the last bell rings at 3 p.m. Managing a school’s presence across all channels — both digital and nondigital — is a full-time job that requires nearly constant attention. A good school communicator knows this and is constantly looking for ways to make

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