7 ways to put parents first when designing a school website

You know how important that first parent-teacher night/open house of the school year is. Starting off on the right foot is critical so parents can familiarize themselves with the teacher, the classroom, school building and all the resources you want them to use to help their child succeed. The la

How to safeguard against school cyber security breaches

Remember that bully in school who’d shake down students for their lunch money? Well, I’m here to tell you that with cyber threats, lunch money bullies are taking it to another level these days. But unlike the past, there are ways to hang onto your lunch money (and all your data) and protect agai

Back-to-school communications planning musts for 2017-18

I was looking at a list of popular back-to-school supplies, and wondered if school communicators could put together their list for back-to-school communications, just what would be on it. Retailers begin pummeling us all with promotions on everything from backpacks and pencils to cell phones and

How to use Instagram for schools

I first visited this topic last year in a blog article on why schools ought to be using Instagram, but it's time for an update. More users, more advertisers, mobile friendliness – there are many compelling reasons Instagram should be part of your school’s communication mix. Now, if you want

Create a school notifications opt-in page for instant approvals

In a previous post, we outlined ways to prevent school notification legal problems, so the next logical step is to show you how to avoid backlashes when launching a notifications program in your school or district. Make it easy – and legal – for your parents and staff to receive notifications by

How to run a spirit shop on your school website

Public education has been riddled with budget shortfalls. Thirty one states faced budget deficits in the 2017 fiscal year putting schools, in states like Illinois, in a precarious position to choose between things like academic materials and instructional positions. Schools need to get creative to

Website templates or custom design. What is best for my school?

A custom school website versus one built using themed design templates is a choice that’s becoming a little easier these days, thanks to web accessibility and ADA compliance. Website templates or custom design for schools. Which will it be for you? That's right – federal regulations are maki

School cyber security and your district: are you prepared?

Schools go to great lengths to make their students, staff and assets secure. Elaborate camera systems, deep and thorough background checks, off-duty police serving as 'campus resource' aids, anti-bullying programs, etc. But what about cyber security and your school. Are you prepared? Every school

4 steps to school website accessibility [Infographic]

The path to school school website accessibility can be difficult for school administrators to navigate, so Campus Suite created this infographic that maps out the steps to creating an ADA-compliant school website. This roadmap and its companion ADA-Compliance Guidelines infographic provide graphi

How to go live with live streaming school video

When you think of live streaming, you may think it’s limited to commercial use: car makers and pop stars using it to unveil their latest release. But you too can benefit from live streaming school video, for it’s not only a great way to capture and share events when they occur, you’re creatin

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